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My 32 year old boyfriend of almost four years recently lost his job as investment banker due to the current financial crisis. For the past 2 years, he has increasingly been experiencing loss in ...

hello,i am no expert on relationships,nor peoples behaviour in the situation you are in with boyfriend, reading what you have said,i think the only option you have is to seek proffesional help, example im affraid to say is phsycriatic  help,but also, talk to him about when u first met, go back to basic things that made him happy in relationship at first, what has changed in him or you also? is the job the only reason for change? what does he want from life? are you in his plans for future? ask him how much does he love you? does he still love you, if yes, then he needs to try to change back to person who was happy and had purpose in life, tell him there are people in this world, starving, people with disabilities who cannot always do for themselves,people who are more unfortunate than himself, we live a fairly short life, and no matter how bad things get, there is always someone worse off than us, its part of life and the learning process of life, were tough human beings and always find a way to bounce back from no matter what challenges are put in front of us!! drink, drugs are not the answer, there an excuse to hide from problems, to make feel good, but are more harm than good, as i say im no expert, good luck to you. Andy..

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