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My husband has severe jock itch. he can stop ...

my husband has severe jock itch. he can stop itching. he has had this on and off for two years. he has tried many different medication. please advise us!

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Take him to a dermatologist. There are hundreds of different medications on the market. One doctor's visit may help to get the best medication.

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is there any way that jock itch can be cured without using any remedies? if i jst dry it after showering and aplly talc... would that be enough..?

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What is a good cure for jock itch ?

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Can itching be contagious?

Yes, they did a study. itching IS contagious. But it's purely a psychological contagion, the force of suggestion, like yawning.

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kh- It could be a lot of things. I believe that the most likely cause is dry skin. Do not spend an excessive amount of time in hot water and do not scrub with soap as if you were covered with axle grease. When you are finished with your bath/shower, rub some baby oil before you dry off. If dry ...

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I agree with you. I certainly would not put steroids into my eyes unless a doc was in charge. My point in mentioning other ocular antihistamines was that another prep might be cheaper than a brand name. I use a boric acid solution that I prepare myself. My ocular allergies are of minimal irritant ...

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