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Severe itching from Kidney failure. Help!

My Mother has chronic Kidney failure and is scratching her skin till it bleeds.  We have tried all kinds of lotions, creams and ointments but it has not helped.  This is driving her crazy.  The toxins in her blood is the problem is there any help or relief for this.   HELP! 

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Hi Sheila,

Sorry to hear your mum is so distressed with the itching caused by CKD. My mother is now at end stage kidney failure and though she is being looked after very well by the medical staff the itching seems to be the over riding symptom at the moment - she's been demented with it!

The renal specialist doctor explains that it's due to the high levels of phosphates that the kidneys aren't getting rid of through her urine so they've put her on phosphate binders i.e. calcichew and renagel that will hopefully bind the the phosphates  and dispose of them through her bowel.  She also takes an antihistamine tablet to furhter reduce the itching.  

Due to not having dialysis my mum's on a conservative management programme which is just increased medication and palliative care. However she's still on her feet and trying to enjoy her life.

I hope yur mum's situation improves.


Best Wishes


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Ann, I could not see how long since your Mom started her treatment for the itching and I was curious about whether it relieved her itching.  My Brother in Law is having the same issues for the the same reasons you mentioned and we are looking for some relief for his constant itching.  He is miserable as you would understand.  Thanks.


I dont have an answer but understand your problem my husband has ESRD too and his itching is driving him insane,,havent been able to find anything for it....

You can try the medications listed above but I never saw much relief with my Mom with it.  I believe u can give them a small amount of relief but having my Mom well drugged at night was the only relief she ever got.  It was so difficult to watch and we had to do what ever it took to give her relief.  She drew blood and it went on until she passed.  I will keep u in my prayers.  Sheila

thanks Sheila,,my husband is on phos. binders but they dont help him much either..I wish someone could find some kind of relief for patients with kidney disease at least for the itching....thanks again...

Hi Shella,

So many people have kidney disease and it's one of those diseases that affects so many people, yet it's not covered much by the media or even the medical profession. I must be honest here because this is an important issue. So first let me say I work for a company that makes an all natural skin spray that is guaranteed to stop your mom's itching with no added chemicals or drugs and it won't interact with any medications your mom is taking.

I'd like to offer you a FREE bottle of Greensations ThermaSkin Skin Repair Spray to prove to you that it really works. This proprietary spray uses a combination of natural botanicals along with capsaicin and caffeine to stop itching in less than a minute for most people. The more you use it, the better it works and there are no side effects. Although capsaicin is derived from chili peppers, the amount used in our formula is so small that there is NO burning sensation, but the capsaicin stops itching and irritation almost instantly. Please email me directly: wayne@greensations.com to get your free bottle of ThermaSkin spray. I realize you posted this a couple years ago, but I figure you may still be looking for a solution to your mother's itchy skin problems.

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