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Severe Hand pain while sleeping

What can cause severe hand pain while sleeping? I sometimes wake up with both hands in tremendous pain. It eventually goes away. This morning I woke up with my left hand in pain and numbness. It's been about an hour and the pain and numbness is subsiding. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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You may want to talk with a doctor, but it could be signs of arthiritis on your hands.

It may also be problems with your back too. I definitely would go see a doctor about this ASAP. Numbing is not a good sign.

It could be carpal tunnel...Ask your doc about it...My hubby's was so severe in both hands, he had surgery in both...But he is much better now !!! I also have problems with this but choose not to have surgery...I find a lil bit of weakness when I am trying to open jars and such but will live with it !!!

Jesus and me love ya !!!

Sleep in wrist braces. If this is an expression of carpal tunnel sundrome, it will not occur when you wear braces.

If you have symptoms with the braces, then you have a neck problem, some sort of arthritis, I reckon.


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