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Selling girl scout cookies

What's your best tip for selling girl scout cookies? What's your personal record?

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I never sold them, but here are some tips.

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When I was little, I used to sell girlscout cookies in my suburban neighborhood going house to house. A big smile is key and homes where the children have already grown up tend to buy most, because otherwise they might need to buy from their own children or friends of their kids. I used to send my parents to work to see if anyone there wanted to buy as well and that worked out pretty well! You could also set up a stand somewhere with a lot of foot traffic and go from there. Good luck!

bugaboo,  I always tell kids that if they sell by a big supermarket, to stand by the entrance door, and not the exit door.  You have to catch the people while they still have money in their pockets and haven't bought any other cookies or candies yet.  You sell more that way.

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Booth sales in a mall or infront of a Superwalmart is your best bet. They will go fast.

I sold over a thousand boxes, twice.

I did it with lots of door-to-door selling. Plus, my mom would always take me and my brothers in the car so we could sell the extra cookies outside of places that got a lot of foot traffic (like the commuter train station and the dvd/cd store).

Everyone else I ever knew who sold that many cookies did it by having their parents sell for them, but I did it all on my own. It was a big PITA, especially when we had to deliver all the orders!

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