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What is sex without love?

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Obviously not much, but it does have its place, and could best be described as just a physical release, with, hopefully, pleasure for both partners.....

What you think about you bring about!!!

Hmmmmmm.  So many answers to that deep question.  Here are a few of my thoughts:

1) A fun relaxing interlude

2) A cardiovascular workout

3) A brief escape from reality

4) A lonely hollow meaningless pleasure

5) A degrading event you regret the rest of your life

6) A liberating, life affirming experience

7) A bad turn in a desperate hunt for love

8) The best sex you will ever have

9) The worst sex you will ever have

10)  A smear on your moral character


So, the list goes on and on.  Sex is different for each person.  Some people need the emotion to make the act more fulfilling.  Some people find the emotion smothers the excitement.  There is no right or wrong, unless someone is getting hurt. 

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To me , it would fall under numbers  4,5,7,9 and 10 on Skitch's list .  Got a 2 thumbs up on them and  " unless someone is getting hurt " ................

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you need love to have sex with the person you are in love with.if not in love than its just sex

(What is sex without love?)

Well, if you're not Married, it's a Sin. And if you are Married, then that would be Sad.

not much if you ask me!  i have had both...with love, sex is much more satisfying.

just to have sex, i never , ever was satisfied.

ur not one of those religious hippies that believe in god (which was just created as a form of moral control rofl you feel dum huh) there is no god, earth was  made from space dust over  billions of years like every other new planet. just ask the people that watch space lol.

imagine a mind free of weakness and figments of our imagination...imagine a mind free of stress and manipulation...Imagine our full potential when we shread the chains of deitys and gods alike...Only then will we empower our self and Open a new door away from death , decay and wrong doing, Let us unite as one and push forth towards the stars let us make new friends and love different species. why not? cause your still bound by the chains of god.

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