What can you do to know that you seen a ghost or spirit?

What can you do to know that you seen a ghost or spirit?

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Some ghosts are "apparitions," in that they appear in spirit where a person suffered a fatal trauma.  It is the worst moment of a person's life, cast off to spare the spirit that hideous memory.

Some ghosts are "visitations."  These are fully sentient spirits who have made the long and arduous journey back here to counsel a living descendant to straighten out their lives or pay the penalty.  Only the choicest spirits will be granted "visitation."

Some ghosts are angels, here to see that our lives unfold as they should.  One will never see any evidence of these benevolent spirits.  However, we can feel them.  There are 144 orders of Angels, each tasked and empowered to do God's will.

Some ghosts are demons, here to cause as much hatred and destruction as possible by negatively influencing one's thoughts.  They are fugitives from eternal justice and are being rounded up as we speak.  The end of the age will not occur until the last of these outlaws have been apprehended.  Just as law enforcement personnel have great difficulty apprehending violent gang members, so do Angels have great difficulty apprehending demons.  There are 13 orders of demons, and the only power they have is to mislead.  However they abuse it most expertly.

Finally, there are animal and plant spirits, but they so seldom interact with us that we need not discuss it in detail.

All that ever lived or lives now has a spirit.  All that have died have been judged by their peers and either accepted or rejected.  There is no worse fate for a spirit than to wander the cosmos.


If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.

You get out in the desert all by yourself, and you can still feel some body looking right over your shoulder.  You know there ain't been no body down that stretch of beat up sun wrecked pebble road in the last couple of decades and you can't get rid of the feeling someone is watching you all the time.

It is just like when you are in the scooter shop and you can feel some body staring holes in your back.  You turn around and see who was staring at you.  You just know who done it.  That is when you know there is a whole lot you just can't explain.

Then you see narrow minde bitter folks telling you it can't be real cause they didn't learn that in college.

A lot those college nerds know -- and what they think they know is all wrong, all the way, every single time.

When you open your mind and your heart to see beyond what your eyes can detect, then you learned something.  Till then you don't know nothing.

I guess this YT says it all about bikers and our spiritual side.  We got caught some where between heaven and hell and we ain't scared of no man no beast or the devil, and we love God. 

Then you ask your self why, and you still can't put your finger on why.  Maybe there is no why.  It is just what is.


Tadpole was nasty before but she's getting nastier with worse porn as she goes crazier. I know leftists are bitter and stupid but that's more than decent people are gonna put up with.

Ghosts are stuck here. Spirits are those who have passed on but can visit now and then. Spirits often check on family members, let their loved ones know they're okay and such. Ghosts are those with unfinished business or who have died so unexpectedly, they don't know they're dead.And ghosts want to be heard, seen, noticed.

You really must use skepticism in examining any phenomenon. One sighting is not enough information to make a judgement. You need to continue to observe and build enough data to know that what you've seen isn't a fluke or in your imagination or a visual misinterpretation, or a phenomena which can be explained by other means. I'm a psychic and have done paranormal investigations. We ALWAYS look for the skeptical answer first. I tell people repeatedly, never be too quick to believe. If we do not examine these phenomenon in a skeptical, scientific manner, we don't have any credibility.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Easy. Just ask me and I'll tell you "no". Why? Because there are no such things - they're just figments of overactive imaginations and/or excessive drug use.

 Apparently our atheist is not particularly knowledgeable in science.  Popov-Fedayeev determined that there is a "ghost" particle, a supermassive neutrino that appears here and there -- at the same time, in direct defaince against Heisenberg Uncertainty.

It becomes interesting in spiritual terms in that the ghost neutrino is a time-sensitive particle, has a positive-negative electrical mass and is able to "stretch" at the same rate as tachyons.

The mathematical construct is a bit demanding but here is the Feynman Diagram to simplify the generation and absorption of the ghost neutrino.

The one dimension atheists feear most is the time dimension, because if time exists, then so does God, and all the spirits He created.  Hence we see how ignorant our one and only resident atheist really is.  If you want me to embarrass you a little more, Physicalist, I will gladly present the Lagrangian for you to decipher -- if you can.

Feynmann Diagram Gluon Radiation.svg

(Feynman diagram courtesy Wikipedia).

Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven. Charles M. Russell, Montana, 1929.

I love tachyons. My favorite particles. I expect when we finally discover a faster than light drive, it will be tachyon powered.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

VN said they saw ghosts.
Wander the coast, jungle, & air.
Dishonored ancestors rejected by families.
Things they did were 2 bad 2 tolerate.

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Will not B accepted.

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Lazy ppl, thieves, liars.
Ppl U would not respect here
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Leftists drive ppl to grudges. What good is there in that? Elections here are over. Fix up what Obama ruined.

Oh okay?? -_-

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