Seeking solutions for a too-soft mattress (the pillow-top is the problem)...

About a year ago, my sister & her husband bought a new pillow-topped, king-sized mattress.  At the time, and for several months thereafter, they were both happy with it.  However, several months ago, my sister started to have problems sleeping: she found the mattress too soft, and it started causing her some back pain.  She has a history of migraines, and the discomfort she's having with the mattress is causing sleep-loss & muscle tension, which is now increasing both the severity & frequency of her migraine attacks...

They have a 10-month-old child, and they just bought a house 5 months ago, so they're not in any position to spend another thousand dollars to buy a new mattress, so I'm looking for possible solutions (temporary or long-term).  

They tried putting a board between the mattress & the box spring, but it didn't help because the problem seems to be the pillow top on the mattress itself.  Any ideas?  


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Hello! I assume that a year ago the sum spent on the mattress was about 1000 USD , meaning a reasonable mattress . In this case I am sure that the company that sold your sister the mattress guarantees that if no stains will get through the mattress it will replace it for 10/15/20 years. Anyway your sister should contact the seller and he will solve the problem.

You should contact the vendor, I am sure they will give you a solution.

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Soft mattress; yes it might be real pain both in the back and in the ass, we spend a lot of money and we cannot sleep well. Guys, did you notice that soft mattresses are always cheap? I have never found an expensive good mattress to be soft, they are always firm because this means health and quiet night. I think that companies are as usually unfair to us. They want you to spend a lot, we want spend as little as possible, and when you start feeling pain they suggest to buy a firm one that is always twice that more expensive. THIS IS AN ELABORATE POLICY; I am telling you. The worst thing of all is that they hide the fact of no-return policy prattling about long warranty and that you will be able to replace the one into another one, but they forget to tell you about the price. I bought the set of Mariana from the Brick. Now I am bearing the results. Had to replace it into an expensive one. You know, when I buy an item for a grand and cannot return it I really get p...ed off...

I highly suggest purchasing a memory foam mattress topper. This should cost no more than $200. Instead of buying a new mattress, get a mattress topper instead. Soft mattresses can really induce upper back pains so they should try getting a memory foam topper with at least 5 pounds of density. You can always check out for more information on memory foam toppers.

I had a very soft pillow top mattress that was so soft I couldn't get any sleep on it. I couldn't return it to the store where I had bought it. I wanted to remove the pillow top but the solution I came up with was just flipping the mattress and sleeping on the non-pillow top side. Not all mattresses are designed that way, and some are no-flip models. I know people who have just removed the whole pillow top because it was flattened out or just too soft. Then I found the bed was a little too hard so I installed a firm latex mattress topper. I pored through a bunch of latex mattress reviews to find the best brand. Now I have an awesome bed that is just right not too soft and not too hard. The latex seems to adjust itself to you and support where you need it and give where it needs to. And it doesn't have that strong chemical smell that so many memory foam mattresses have.

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