Any security website to buy eve online isk or plex? CCP always have the high price, I can't afford:(?

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I play the game for 1years,i often buy eve isk from the sellers, very cheap ,hope can help you

Why buy ISK when you can literally print your very own completely on AutoPilot with TinyMiner Eve Mining Bot?

Just go to:

The Eve Online mining bot creators not only update it frequently but their customer support is unparalleled using a ticket based support desk, forums choke full of useful information posted by all the users, instant messengers and email. After all major EVE expansions or patches they had a working version for their EVE mining bot the very next day! And best of all, their updates are always free! It's without a doubt the only real working option out there in terms of EVE Online mining bots and with its fully functional trial version it's impossible to go wrong! I wasn't going to reveal which EVE mining bot it was due to all the macro haters out there but I can't hide it any longer so here it is: TinyMiner Eve Online Mining Bot!

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