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i saw sunlike object moving across sky in early to mid 1990s. i thought it was the sun, but it moved over horizon in 10 seconds. also the real sun was right there.3pm-5pm was the time of day eastern ...

Based on where you live, you are undoubtedly aware of many "top secret" areas controlled by our military working with MIT, among others, who are researching and developing advanced military weapons.  What you saw is water and sunlight reflecting from the bottom of a very advanced "space flight" airship.  We are also in trials flying them from Wash State near the mountain range and in Mexico over the water areas of the Gulf.  Don't be afraid; be PROUD!  Some of these aircraft are reversed engineering from extremely high level, top secret hush hush space vehicles.  Be secure in the thoughts that our America is far above and far more advanced than the world thinks.  Now keep this on the QT.

I have probably been there, done it, seen it, ate it, felt it, overcame it, smelled it, known about it, met it, shook hands with it, lived with it, wrote about it, many yrs, and still survived to talk about it with you.
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