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Searching for panamanian fruit.

I lived in panama as a child and have searched for a particular fruit for many years. We called them "ginups". They were about the size of a cherry, grew in clusters, like grapes, had a hard skin that you "popped" to reveal a very soft pulpy fruit inside with a large pit. We sucked on them until the pulp was gone, and then spit out the pit. Can you help?

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Kate, I was just looking for ginups too, as I lived in Panama when I was a young girl. It looks like you won't find any in the U.S. unless someone imports them. I'm still looking. The tree is apparently not a hardy one so won't grow in California. Here is one of the websites I found that has a photo of them. They were so delicious! I remember buying them in a brown paper lunch bag...:)


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