Searching for other Jewish people.

How many Jews are on this site? Does anyone know, or is there a way to find out? I'm interested in starting a blog or something. If your Jewish and interested in a group forum/blog. Post to this answer.

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I am Jewish and actually live in Israel. I have come across quite a few others as well, and there are a lot of questions regarding Israel on the site, so I am sure that there is a high number of Jewish people on Yedda. How to find out, I'm not so sure as it's not a criteria that we have to check off in order to sign up. Your idea of trying to start a Jewish forum/blog is a very good idea though.

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Shalom TennisTchr: Nice to meet you. Thanks for responding. Yes, I think a blog would be a neat place for other Jews to meet. I am isolated and do not even have a Temple here. I have met one other Jewish person in this place, and he is not practicing. So I need to meet others who share my beliefs so I can at least talk with other Jews. How is the weather over there? Do you live in the old city? I wish I could go there if only for a pilgrimage. Talk to you later.

Messianic Count?  I don't "Bite". John

Mat. 6:33 "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and All these things Shall Be Added to You!!!

The book says, "Judge not least ye be judged." I say, "Judge not least you be judged by how you judged." But there is a difference. I am reform myself and looking for others that can speak of the Jewish way. I wouldn't mind your company as long as there was no conversion attempts. Of curse if this blob thing does manifest eventually, you might find it awkward though with the discussins. And I am sure other Jews would not want to hear new testamnt stuff. Of course this all boils down to if and when I can get enough people to particapate. But on a mono -e- mono basis, you will find that I am very open minded and fairly versed in all the books of the bible. I was once a seventh day adventist!

LOL "7 Days" U put up with it? LOL Well I'm John Kramer & with my Wife Tam, we're located just outside of Vail AZ. which is 30 mi. E. of Tucson which should show on Ur maps. We are quite literally in the middle of a "Cactus Patch" in an area like many pictures of Israel! Actually my "Dream" is to also make the trip to where it all began & learn much about my heritage. My last name I'm told means "Provider of Sacrifice to the Temple" and when we were in Germany it meant Grocer or Butcher. Here our Family owns Echrich & Parot Meat Packing in the Mid-West. I moved here for my Mothers health. The Drs. gave her 6-7 mo. if we moved but she took 7 years, dying on my graduation night from H.S. in '68. That makes me 58 with maybe another 5 years to go as I too have 5 Incurable Diseases, one Genetic from my Jewish Heritage. I hang here Posting Scriptural Doctrines to offer Answers for those who don't know our Story. U'll see I don't "Bash", just try to offer sound Scriptural answers. I'll give U an idea of the type of Outlines I Post. I just sent this Study on Angels to someone who asked, they Loved it. I've been around long enough to know that God (Holy Spirit) has to "Convict" a person, I Can't, so, this is a "No Bash Zone" LOL  OBTW, if U would like info that U think I may have studied, just ask as I have over 450 Topics I have searched the Scriptures about. Enjoy!!!   John


A.  The Commander-in-Chief.
    1.  The angel of the Lord is Jesus Christ.  This is a theophany of
Jesus Christ.  The elect angels are always under the command of Christ.
This implies that the angelic salvation is related to Christ, just as ours
    2.  There are four manifestations of our Lord:
        a.  A theophany is a manifestation before the First Advent.
        b.  The incarnation is an appearance in Hypostatic Union.
        c.  Christophanies are post-resurrection appearances in Hypostatic
        d.  The Second Advent is His return in Hypostatic Union.
    3.  The angel of the Lord is identified as the Lord or Jehovah in Gen
16:7-13, 22:11-18, 31:11-13, 48:15-16; Ex 3:1 cf Acts 7:30-35; Ex 13:21,
14:19; Jud 6:11-23, 13:9-10.

B.  The Seraphim Heralds.
    1.  Seraph is an order of rank created as a reward for angels who
achieved maximum glorification of Christ.  The seraph is distinguished from
all other angels as the highest ranking angel because of his six wings, Isa
6:2.  Angels do not have wings except for seraphs and cherubs.  Wings are an
insignia of rank.
     2.  The pair of wings covering the face of the seraph are analogous to
his integrity and humility.  In the angelic conflict, these angels learned
more doctrine and achieved a higher rank than anyone else.  Their six wings
indicate that Bible doctrine was more important to them than anything else.
        a.  Four of these seraphs are the heralds of Rev 4 and following.
They had the coat of arms of the Lord and eyes on each side of the coat of
arms, which indicated their great wisdom from their perception of doctrine.
        b.  The reward of "seraph" is related to the fact that part of
their escutcheon is the uniform of wisdom ("full of eyes") which describes
their maximum knowledge of doctrine.
        c.  Without humility, they would have no capacity to enjoy the
fact that only seven angels hold this highest rank and always will.
    3.  The pair of wings which cover the feet refer to their respect for
divine authority.  They serve the Lord best in worship.  Note that the
highest ranking person is the greatest servant of all.
    4.  The pair of wings with which they fly indicate their function,
production, and modus operandi in the communication of divine policy, Isa
6:6-8 (where an angel communicated doctrine to Isaiah and gave him a
personal sense of destiny.)
    5.  There are three categories of seraphs:
        a.  The king of arms, the highest ranking seraph.  This is the
powerful angel of Rev 5:2 and 10:1;
        b.  The officer of arms, Rev 18:1, 20:1-3.  This angel has the key
to the abyss.
        c.  The four angelic heralds, Ezek 1, 10 cf Isa 6.  These angels
are "full of eyes [doctrine], both inside [perception] and outside

C.  Cherubim Heralds.
    1.  These angels were originally the highest ranking angels prior to
the prehistoric angelic eternal state.  They have four wings, Ezek 1:4-6,
14, 15f.  Also known as the pursuivant officers, these angels are high
ranking noblemen who wear the coat of arms of their Lord.  One officer is
found in Ezek 1 at every wheel of the chariot of fire, a vehicle of judgment
which Jesus Christ rides, Ezek 10:9-10.
    2.  There are seven other functions of these cherubs:
        a.  The two cherubs who guard the gates of the Garden of Eden, Gen
3:24 (analogous to the port cullis, meaning the officer of the gate.)
        b.  The four cherubs of the chariot of fire, Ezek 1,10.  These are
also the administrators of historical disaster in 2 Sam 22:11 and Ps 18:10
(analogous to the royal dragoon.)
        c.  Lucifer, the son of the morning,  Ezek 28:14.
        d.  The pursuivant officer who commands the weather machine, Rev
        e.  The angel with the golden incense shovel, Rev 8:3
        f.  The seven thunders are teachers of eschatology, Rev 10:3-4.
        g.  The seven angels of judgment, Rev 14:6,8-9,15,17-19.

D.  Pursuivant, the Wingless Rank and File Angels.  Generally, these angels
are messengers of judgment.  They are wingless messengers.  There are nine
categories of them:
    1.  The angelic messengers with Lot, Gen 19:13ff.
    2.  The destroying angel of 2 Sam 24:16.
    3.  The destroying angels of Ps 78:49.
    4.  The executioners of the city of Jerusalem, Ezek 9:1ff.
    5.  The man clothed in linen who acts as the messenger of the chariot
of fire, Ezek 10:6.
    6.  The four angels each having a hemisphere who restrain the wind
cells of the weather machine, Rev 7:1.
    7.  The seven angels with the seven trumpets, Rev 8:6.
    8.  The seven angels with the seven plagues, Rev 15:1, the same ones
having the libation bowls.
    9.  The seven thunders who accompany the King of Arms, Rev 10:3-4.

E.  Human Heralds.  There are human heralds for both advents as well as
angelic heralds.  Lk 2:9-15 cf Jn 3:28-31 mentions John the baptizer as the
human herald for the First Advent.  In the Second Advent, along with the
angelic herald of the King of Arms, "the mighty angel," of Rev 10:1, the
human heralds are Moses and Elijah, Rev 11:3-12.

Mat. 6:33 "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and All these things Shall Be Added to You!!!

Hi Noach,

The weather over here has just started to get quite hot. The evenings in Jerusalem are usually cooler than most of the rest of the country, but they are starting to warm up as well. I don't live in the Old City, but it is only about a 15 minute walk away! I definitely recommend a trip here at some point. I think you will absolutely love it!

Shalom Moosemose. New Test stuffFrown. I'm stricktly old test now. Sorry it took so long to get back to you -- been very busy. I used to live in Tucson so I know were Vail is. Bet the weater is in the 100's down there right now. Did you get a good monsoon season this spring? I'm 37 and stuck in the middle of a very rual area. The closest town is about 18 miles away were we have to go to shop. I'm single and have a couple kids. There are actually in Tucson right now. So is is a pleasure to meet you. Talk to you later, have a good day/night.Cool B'shalom, Noach

Shalom Tennis: The weather here is unseasonably hot for this time of year. Yes, one of these days I will make it there to pray on the wall. Are you Orthodox, Chassidic, or what? I am reform. I study the Kabbalah. I love mysticism!!!Cool The aspects of G-d are unfathemable! Well take care. I will send you a private message with my E-Mail address. B'shalom, Noach

Awesome! Well the turn off to Vail is the Collosal Cave Rd. & we're E. about 4 miles to Hwy. 83 (S. to Patagonia) & 3 miles south from there, quite literally in "The Cactus Patch"!!! Small world & in this part we have had some rain but 2 weeks now of 100 F. days & 65 F. nights, it's gone! Do Kiddos have Puter? If not I would be happy to pass along over the "Twisted Pair" any messages U have. Tam & I are also Ham Radio Ops & we could run Phone Patches from one Radio to another as well. Our Tomato & Pepper Plants are about 2' high & putting on lots of blossoms. We like to make our own Salsa! Let U go. God Bless.   John

Mat. 6:33 "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and All these things Shall Be Added to You!!!

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