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Seams in carpet showing

I just had carpet installed in 6 rooms, every carpet seam is showing.  What is the problem?  It's only 3 weeks old.  We paid a lot for this carpet!

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You got a crummy installation job. COMPLAIN LOUDLY!

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No installer can guarantee the seam will be invisible.  Think of carpet as a textile.  you see the seams in your clothes-- and you may see them in the carpet.  The carpet & rug institute www.carpet-rug.org publishes the standard for carpet installation-- and includes a statement to this effect. 

Some carpets are more prone to this than others. 

Now there are installation or manufacturing related.  Like a cut not made properly.  A gap in the seam tape.  A difference in color (side match issues).  Fibers caught in the seam. 

Call back the retailer and ask them to review the issue.  They may be able to roll it with a star roller, or rework it a bit. 

Its depend on quality of carpet you can claim for this..

You had a bad installer who didn't stretch the carpet properly or didn't secure it properly with carpet tacs. Call the installer and tell them they laid the carpet improperly and you want the job done correctly. It doesn't matter how old or new the carpet is, or how cheap, you SHOULD NOT be able to see the seams! I have built several homes and laid carpet myself, and if it is done correctly, you should NEVER see the seams no matter how long it is down!

And it should be done free of charge. There should be no out of pocket expense to you. They did a poor job, and they need to come back and do it right!

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I think you should call back the retailer and ask them to review this problem.  For sure they now how to solve this.

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Annette is correct that they need to come back,but not to restretch.A common problem to seams showing is high and low edges and or carpet not together when seamed and or seam not cut correctly.Personnaly I use cut (6in.wide piece of 1/4in.undrelay under the edge of the carpet so I know the edges are together and when a tractor is used the edges will be at the same height.Berber carpet is about the only carpet you really must stretch a certain way.Have the carpet rep look at the job.

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