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Scouring for info on "The Four Ayalons"

The Four Ayalons   These four were all Israelis and performed in many venues throughout (Iwould guess) the mid-50's to the late 60's on stage and a few recordings here in the States. I would greatly appreciate any info and/or contacts anyone might have about this group and in particular any recordings and/or any movies/tapes of any of their performances over the years.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Alan, ---------- The Ayalon were very popular between 1953 untill 1960. They had 13 different shows. In fact they were 5: Mordechai Yaron, Gad Mann, Baruch Nadav, Haim Polany. There sure is a lot of information if you Google it (in Hebrew the name us: להקת איילון (pronounced: Le'ha'kat A'ya'lon). Here is a site to download their music. http://www.imusic.co.il/search_results.asp?search_type=ARTIST&artist_id=168 If you need more information feel free to contact me. ------------- Best gerards,

Love is the battery of life....


Thank you so much for the response and the link. What I am attempting to do is put together enough of the Ayalons' music,photos and hopefully any movies and or clips of any or their performances as a retrospective of the history,in particular focusing as much as I can on Baruch Nadav and his contributions. From what I can see,he,more than the others,was the "rock" so to speak of the group and the one most responsible for the "slapstick" in their routines. Also from what I understand,his rendition of the song "Felafel" is somewhat of a fixture back in Israel. I am trying to do this for him,as I have come to know him personally and as he is aging and I get the sense he feels his significance is slipping away and as a perpetual "peormer and entertainer" the world will forget him. Of course when I ask for any of these things from him to put something together he doesn't have anything from the past "glory days" and that one of the other survivors has it all and he cannot get any of it. So for me,this would be an unexpected surprise of immeasurable proportions for him and one last "show".

Hi Alan,
Very moving story.  If you need additional help don't hesitate to contact me. 
Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

What exactly are you looking for, as I am a relative....

The Ayalons were in Edmonton, Alberta 1970- Gad Mann and Eitan Lev gave me the Hebrew name of MIRIAM YAEL KOREN before that I was known as MAGGIE

If any one knows how to contact either of them please forward me email

miriamkoren2@gmail.com    thank youSmile

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