Why hasn't any scientist been able to successfully replicate the formation of life from non-living chemistry ?

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On Bonestructures response about Panspermia;



The thing is, there has been no confirmed life or fossils of life discovered in any of the hundreds of meteorites found to date. 

And you would think that life from earth would have found its way to an earlier mars when it was supposedly warm and wet and life would have taken hold there. But we don't find any evidence of that occuring either ? Bottom line is, if we can ever demonstrate here on terra firma that life can form through natural processes, it would all but prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. But we haven't been able to do it ! Which is a very, very interesting FACT that public school science students should be made explicitly aware of !       

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Picture from the Leonid showers.

Iron melts around 1500F. Meteor temperatures have been estimated to be up to several thousand degrees. I, personally, do not see how life could survive this. Unless, there WAS a UFO with silica heat shields or the like. But a meteor that brings life to earth defies everything that astrophysics teaches.

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If that is true, then why do "astrobiologists" look for life in meteorites ?  

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