What is the Best Scientific Invention in Year 2011?

Friends share your ideas of new and best invention in the year 2011.

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IMHO, it is not in high technology where I work.  The real miracle of science during 2011 was from Proctor and Gamble.

Their PuR water division sells home water purification equipment and supplies to nations that already have safe drinking water.  But that is not all.

PuR also distributes billions of kits that will treat a day's water for a person and larger systems that will make water safe to drink for a whole village.  Clearly, that rates a Nobel Prize.

These are only a few of the benefits of American businesses doing what they do best.  If America has done no other thing, it is that we have re-introduced the concepts of altruism and philanthropy on the grandest of scales.

Maybea safe glass of water means nothing to you, because humanitarian good will is absolutely politically incorrect and always shall be, but it means life and death to developing nations.



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The one atom transistor.

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