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How do you make a model car move without electricity?

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Well, one might put it at top of a slope .. and let gravity be the accellerating force .


Or, one might build an electric motor into the design, say, the motor  frdom some 'remote control' race car toy ...


or, in frustration, one might hurl it againt a concrete wall ..but this

last idea must be a 'last resort' , wher one has run out of ideas!


I might suggest several ways one could cause a model car to move.

Each has advantages and disadvantages,of course.  I do note that your question was very general, so please forgive me if some of these possibilities seem trivial or strange ;)

1) Tilt the surface so it can roll down hill

2) push it with your hands and let it continue on its own

3) install a 'centrifugal motor' , ie, a heavy spinning disk inside the car which is attatched by gears, etc, to the wheels. Holding the car in your hand and pushing it repeatedly on the floor will get

the disk spinning fast.  Placing the car on the floor at that moment and releasing it will let the heavy spinning disk cause the car to move.  This is a common design used in many toys.  It even has been applied to full-sized vehicles: a heavy spinning disk inside is used to 'store energy' that can help the vehicle accellerate.

4) Search the net for sites that sell devices for Magicians.  You'll find a kind of 'invisible thread' that is soooo thin as to be invisible to the casual observer.. Indeed, some are so thin that  a magnifying glass or microscope is needed!  Attached to the front of the car sitting on the table, with the 'thread coming towards you and over the edege of the table with a small weight attached will

let you amaze friends who see you motioning to the car to 'Come to me!!" while your other hand, beneath the table lets the weight fall, causing the car to move by some "invisible magic force!"

5) Rubber bands or wound-up springs can be installed for power

6) if the car is large enough, there do exist tiny real steam engines

that could power a car

7) Place a cockroach in a lil box hidden beneath the car, where the roach's feet contact a surface (preferably NOT your dining-room table!)

8) Place a small sail on the roof of the vehicle and blow

9) inflate a balloon device that youthen attach to the car in some way and allow the air to escape .. This too is common with toys but not advised for young people! Balloons can be very dangerous , especially to children.  Actuallly  ive not seen such toys available in many many years, probably for this reason.

10) place the car in front of a playful kitten  ;)))

11) Tie the car to a helium filled balloon .. The movement will be UP of course, but youdidnt really specify which direction you wished the car to go!

12) Conversely, fill a bowl with water and release the car on the surface, watch it move down!

13) DO NOT use this method if you are not a grownup or you are a kid WITHOUT responsible adult supervision!  

attach a very small 'rocket' to the car .. You can construct one out of an unburned wooden match whre the tip is wrapped in a thin layer of aluminum foil applied while you hold a thin toothpick against the matchstick with one of the ends of the toothpick touching the phosphorus end of the match. Have the foil layer extend from the head of the match and back to perhaps half the matchstick's length. Then pull out the toothpick .. this will leave a tiny "tunnel" in the foil.  Heating the foil-covered head of the match will then ignite the phosphorus inside and cause the hot gases to be expelled thru the tunnel.  The mass of fastmoving gas rearward will result in a counter-force pushing the matchstick in the opposite direction which, if the 'rocket' is attached properly to the car, can cause the car to move.

14) Use your imagination! I'm sure you can come up with somevery interesting solutions yourself!  Remember to keep an open mind: that's the key to engineering and inventing!


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