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Site:connectamillionminds.com connect a million minds where is it?

site:connectamillionminds.com connect a million minds where is it?

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If your grammar is that bad (and it is) then so is your internet savvy lacking.  More importantly, the site you specify does not google. 

Obama's program is not working. That is why you aren't, either, or soon won't be.


This is a Time-Warner company that is dedicated to high technology.  They are afraid that we will be left behind other nations as a technological power.   Allow me to assure you that if we don't regain the high ground of technology very quickly we will have some tough competition in China and Taiwan.

Note that China and Taiwan depend on our developments and refine them a bit but these people rarely innovate.  Due to our atheist minority throwing rocks in the gears America may not be able to meet the challenge because of atheists' insane bigotry and hate.  If we let atheists get another word in edgewise then we will deserve to suffer that sort of bitterness.

We have many options. Failure is not one of them. Hire the handicapped. Let us show you what we can do.

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