Science homework please help!

i have this take home science test that i reallllllyyyy need the answers to so please help me out!

1. a) how does abrasion act on a boulder?
b) how does root-action act on a boulder?
c) how does rust or oxidation act on a boulder?
d) how does pollution act on a boulder?

2. Completely describe each of the terms Topsoil, Subsoil, and Weathered Bedrock

3. Describe the action "Creep" of mass movement. Compare this action with the action of Mudflow.

4. Describe, in detail, how sand is moved (transported) during the processes of Suspension and Saltation

5. Referring the the static (snow/ice field) and the moving (valley glacier) masses of ice that you listed, explain why these are only located at high elevations.

6. Describe how a cirque is formed by a valley glacier.

7. Completely describe, in detail, the formation of an Outwash Channel.

8. Why is a runoff not a big issue on the landmass of Cape Cod? (HINT: consider the composition of the soil)

9. Compare (by describing each) the transportation method of a Bed Load and the transportation method of a Suspended Load.

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dude don't you have a book, the time you spent typing the questions you could of had half the answers sorry to give you the answers is just wrong.

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