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Answer key needed for grades 9-12 earth science prentice hall guided reading and study workbook

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Alexb, let us presume that you are the teacher.  Let us also presume that you have a degree in whatever you teach, in the present case, Geology.  Let us presume finally that you have chosen your curriculum at the behest of your school district.

You should already have all the correct answers tucked neatly away in your gray matter and as the leader of your class, you must use it.

As it required a computer for you to pose the question (using grammar, punctuation, and spelling that I would normally attribute to a 9-12 grade student) then I must refer you to your copy of MS Office/Word 2007, using the powerful math program or even default to (oh my God) MS Excel. 

High school geology (I believe you called it Earth Science) should not be difficult with either of these programs.

But kiddo, if I gave away the answers to you, how would you learn?  There is no substitute for discipline.  That means, open the books, start reading, and try to absorb the information the old-fashioned way: by working at it.

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Hi Alexb A good starting for finding an excellent source to workbook in "earth-science) is here: http://www.ee.enr.state.nc.us/edresources/eebibbookshigh.htm

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.geology-israel.co.il" class="comlink">GEOLOGY OF ISRAEL IN PICTURES</a>

water that falls from the atmosphere to the ground is called

what is almost all the mass within the solar system ?

Do earthquake waves travel in straight lines inside the earth?

Do earthquake waves travel in straight lines inside the earth?

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