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Science showed us that we don't know much of anything.  We think we know everything but most of what most of us think they know is just plain wrong.  Science proves itself wrong every day.  Sooner or later we are back to faith, common decency, and common sense. 

The most important thing we have ever learned is to put the petty stuff aside, get with a mellow bunch of decent sober people, get along the best we can, and make do with what we have.

Science teaches us that we know nothing.  History proved it. 

Do not meddle in the dealings of dragons, for you are tasty with barbecue sauce.
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Bill Compton Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Alas, Humble, you are correct.  Would that it were not so but it is so.  We may like to think that we have unearthed the deepest of secrets but in reality we only followed a trail of crumbs that God left to lead us to what we call discovery.


It can be a shock to one's ego, but science has proven nothing.  We will eventualy find that we learned nothing if we did not learn how to peacefully get along with each other.

The Unknown Philosopher Thinks this answer is Helpful:

One of the worst limitations on science is the infighting that goes on between researchers.  I don't know how many times I have seen atheists starting needless arguments about religion, just to get on everyone's nerves.  It seems to be their greatest talent.


I'm not the only one who gets tired of their games.  I have seen people walk off the job because of a disagreeable bigot in the crew trying to get rid of all the Christians and Jews.  


Everyone would get along brilliantly if it weren't for atheists always causing hate.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike in the last 13 hours you have posted under your aliases Bill 5 hours, Dr. Kelly 4 hours, Harley Spirit, 2 hours, Anselmox 3 hours and still posting. You also had posts with Fletcher and anonymous. All posting exactly the same and repeating the same crap over and over and using the word Atheist. Rocmike You need help not to mention a life.


Anselmo, people fighting among themselves makes a bad situation worse.  It is really bad when a hostile or envious person wants others to hate each other because he can't stand their religion or politics.  Anonymous is doing that purposely and without ceasing.  That much hate makes anyone a monster.  Only the dirtiest minded people get that low.


Bill, getting along with each other is the best social skill we have.  You may not like someone else and he may not like you, but if you are on the same side you can quit all the fighting and get on with business. 


Trying to get other people to take sides against someone else is troublemaking.  People do that and think its cute but when people physically injure each other or kill they find out the damage is real.  By then it is too late. 


You can't bring back the dead and it is very expensive to heal people who have suffered violence because troblemakers got a word in edgewise.  That is all troublemakers ever do and they know people will be maimed and killed because of it.  That is how little conscience these people have and they know it.


There is a show on about the Hatfields and McCoys.  That was a bloody mountain feud that only the devil would have wanted.  God asks us to be peacemakers, the devil wants everyone to hate each other and will stop at nothing to do it.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike I see your Humble alias is taking up where your others left off. No one defends another Rocmike alias but another Rocmike alias. Everyone else thinks you are an insane joke.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike after 13 straight hours of posting under, Bill, Anselmox, Dr. Kelly, Harley Spirit, Fletcher, Anonymous, I see you took a nap and are starting another posting marathon under your alias Humble. Rocmike give it a break.

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