Why do Schools Cover Up Crimes on Campus?


STOP THE COVER UP" fauous1 will be picketing Covington High School in the morn! (08-23-2012)Schools and Colleges don't want to deal with all the Bad Press!


Covington High School  and the Penn State University Cover Up!


What happen on Thursday August the 17th in the Boys Bathroom? What kind of injury did the Victim sustain? Obviously, it was Life Threatening! What kind of weapon was used by the perpetrator?  What are the ages, grade levels and racial makeup of those involved in this incident? Does the Perpetrator have a history of engaging in school violence or criminal activity in the local community? Is this an isolated incident or part of an on-going dispute? What is the racial makeup of Covington High School? Does any kind of racial tension exist between white and black Students on campus? Additionally, why were additional Students arrested on Friday 08-18-2012? Most importantly, have any additional Students been arrested for engaging in school violence, threatening behaviors or for bringing weapons on campus?


FACT: The fatuous1 is on the run and will be picketing a school near you! Stay tuned in cause its definitely gonna be a just like an ole time Louisiana Hay Ride!


FACT: "The fatuous1 always has his nose to the ground sniffing out clues, like a horny dog searching for a bitch in heat!" (TRAINAISM)


FACTS: As Tax Payers, Parents and United States Citizens we have the right to know what type of educational environment we are sending our Children off to each and every day.










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Obviously schools controlled by crooked people have personal reasons for hiding crimes. Often investigations will reveal something else besides the one crime under the spotlight.

I completely agree with this article.Yes we know what is not supposed to be the conduct and ethics of a student and when they fall from their set level of decorum they must not be defended.


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