What is the best remedy for a person who gets nerves before taking a test???

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hi ya MDC

well my suggestion would be to say a prayer for calmness...i do and all goes well.....singing a song will get you in a good mood....and just do your best because you are special no matter what.    good talking to you again

take care and god bless


A penny saved is a penny earned

Well, aside from being prepared... I take these things called Stress Mints that I found at Whole Foods. Homeopathic. Nothing crazy that would make you zone out or anything, but it really helps me. Ha! It's almost like an instant deep calming breath "ahhhhhhhhh" instead of "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Ha! Or tea. Or stretching. Or listening to your ipod for a while before you go in to take it. Good Luck!!

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