I'm running for school president. What are some tips you can give me that will make me win the election?

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Well, I do admit there is nothing I can say that will garuntee that you will win. I think inorder to win you need to have a very few yet important things:

1. A Good Staff of people working with you. If you have a good crew, that can distribute your beliefs and your opinions around the school, it will work in your favor. Since this is a school campaign make sure you get someone popular that people like...

2. A good set of ideas and ideology - People love to here ideas and slogans. If you have a new idea to run with, people will appreciate it and would sometimes pick you solely on that, if it's a good idea.

3. Charisma - You need to be charismatic. You need to make people notice you and be charming, funny and nice. You need to be allegant with your words and confident of them at the same time.

I hope this helps..

too` be yourself and not to always make it a competition if you didn`t get the president part than at least you tried and don`t beat yourself if you lost just concentrate and all that stuff..it might help me too` cause i`m running too`..

i am running for school president too, in this next coming up school year. i wish you the best of luck and just be yourself when you are giving your speech. make sure you practice your speech ahead of time and enjoy yourself.

im running for president to and i know how you feel i have no iddea either well just be yourself and discuss things that can hel inprove youre school

you should ask questions and let all the children answer at once so that they'll get enthuiastic and wake up from all of the boring speeches before u

just some ideas for the speech.....

try to use the school motto in a part of the speech, it shows ur connection to the school.

tell them about ur commitment to make changes the kids may want

show how friendly u r and your easyness to talk to by interacting with a student during the speech.

most of all you have to get across that u will be the more responsible person to be pres than the others running against u. Tell them maybe about e few things u have done, performed in,or voluntered in.

make eye contect and smile, the more people who see you and see that u r looking at them will feel a connection to u.

wear something nice, but make sure you are wearing something that can be seen and will be remembered with you. Some thing maybe bright or interesting looking, a different hairstyle? U want them to be able to remember u after everyone else is done saying their speeches and they are sitting at their desks tryinng to remember who was who to vote for!


well, most of all smile, have f8un, be outgoing but not to over the top with energy,

Good Luck Hon, let us know how it went!



LaughingUse  many adjectives., interject enthusiastic descriptions  of  improving everyday operations  school to student.,  exaggerate  your  abilities  a bit., minimize  the  2 major on campus crises  in  your  delivery  with  your  wording  challenge  the administration  and  invite  the student  body  to  work  with  you..,. Imply  yourself  as  the  Winner already  finally  incite  confidence  in  you from the audience with  some  rhythmic  rah' rah' lines  of  victory and progress  These  are  some  techniques  used  by  one of my 'Characters-developed 'President-Mr.'

I'm Handin' out StreetDiplomas.,street diplomas,street diplomas., I'm Handin' 'Em out.,.

Well I'm running against a lot of people, but I am most afriad of one student in particular. He's really popular, but so am I. But because I'm a girl, i think all the guys in my grade will vote for him. I am adding in my speech descriptions about myself that are funnny, like: some people who don't know me may think i'm loud, clumsy, and maybe even a little odd. And people who DO know me, can definetly agree. See this makes u seem just like everyone else so u can relate to them. (also I'm getting BLUE streaks in my hair the day before voting. GOOD LUCK!


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