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How to deal with bullies in first grade. My 6 year ...

how to deal with bullies in first grade. My 6 year old grandson is bothered by a couple of bullies in first grade. He has begun to bedwet and c/o stomache aches and went to the school nurse and said he had no breakfast when he had eaten. He is very worried but doesn't seem able to talk to his parents. How can I help? He is also focused on dying. Isn't that a little young?

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I would sit down and talk to his parents so that they can talk to his teacher and principal. Bullying is not taken lightly anymore and something should be done before someone gets hurt.

his parents should care enough to do something about it....we have a responsibility to protect our kids from heathens with no home training so we homeschool ours...if u cant get through the parents id make a complaint to the school.

about death id encourage him that hes not going to die anytime soon.....it sounds like hes stressin so u will have to encourage some positive thinking to him

You really do need to speak with the parents of the children doing the bullying. If you cannot resolve the matter from there then see the principal immediately and hopefully he/she will get all parties involved to understand the severity to the issue and get it stopped.  If he/she doesn't take measures right away, see the authorities and file charges.

I also think you should get your child into counseling to deal with his fears. This is something you want to get a handle on right away.

Good luck and if you think about it, let us know the outcome please!


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Early intervention by school authorities might help straighten out a young bully – and spare his/her future victims. At the least, it’ll likely cause him/her to stop bullying your child now. If it ever escalates to physical violence, call the police immediately.

See three experts opinions at http://www.crime-safety-security.com/Stop-Bullying.html

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