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i have a scar above my upper lip how can i get rid of it??

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Try using shea butter on it.  Shea butter is a natural substance that helps to fade scars. 


Source:  http://www.natural-goat-milk-soap.com/homemade-skin-care.html

It's really depending on what type of scar you have. Though more expensive than conventional methods, the laser scar removal treatment may achieve up to 70% improvement for most types of scars.

You can try applying scar cream at the affected area..

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Removing a scar don't have to be done with surgery. You should at least search for other treatments like creams.

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I would think that Mederma or a vitamin E cream would be the solution to this problem. You might also speak with your dermatologist again to see if there something else that can be done. Good luck.

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