How to say yes to a dance

I got asked to a Homecoming dance just the other day and he was really creative on how he asked me. He decorated my entire front yard with caution tape and then on my drive way he traced out his body to look like someone had died there, he then had a police evidence sign next to it and wrote i'd die if you didnt go to Homecoming with me on the driveway. It was really cool but how do i answer him back? This one needs to be good sense its my senior year!

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Send him a first aid kit wrapped up.  wrapping paper bow and all.  And on the inside of the card put a big giant YES! I will go with you because you are a great guy so I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.  (After maybe some mouth to mouth? only put this if you really like him)

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That sounds like a very nice boy. If I were you I would write or tell him that I wouldn't want him to die, so I will go with him. I wouldn't try to reciprocate on creativity (after all you don't want him to think you are competing with him). Have a great time a homecoming!

i would dress as a nurse and go to his door and tell him i would love to go to the dance with him so he won't have to die.

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