Who do you say that Jesus is???????

Whom do men say that I the son of man am?

When Jesus came into the coast of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, whom do men say that I the son of man am.


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Jesus is the Son of the Living and Only God.  He is the Savior of all who come to Him in repentance.

My understanding of Jesus as a human, was chosen by God to show mankind that we are all Gods children, all one family. Jesus was the first to recognize Gods voice through words in a way that could be proved so all could understand, and the word became flesh ie; us. Unfortunately Jesus was passed off as a crazy person, as Jesus' mind perplexed those listening. The church being government at that time, by denying this right to speak, caused a big heart to break, because Jesus loved so deeply, this to me was Jesus' crucifixtion, and the fall of our family.

John 3:16 God's only begotten son and Colossians 1:15, the image of the invisible God.

 A great and over hanging rock, a forest tree upon it's brow, whose gnarled and stunted form has stood a hundred years same as now. A barren field where stunted oaks and whispering pines give forth a sound as though the ghost of other years in sad regret, were whispering round. Not far away a farm house old, before whose door a mossy stone seems echoing yet the tread of feet, long years ago forever flown. One eve I stood within the shade of that old rock when all was still, and some sweet presence seemed to steal my soul, my heart to fill. Then forth from rock or tree or rill, I scarce could tell from where it came, a voice so hushed, subdued and low, whisper a once familiar name. Whispered I thought as angels speak, it set the warm blood coursing through my veins and mounting to my cheek. O speak thou angel voice, I said, thou surely has a tale to tell, and be it joyous one or sad, I'll try to tell it and tell it well.

Then spoke the voice, thou art the first, of all who've paused within this dell, who has heard my voice and bidden me to mortal ears my story tell.

So see you write it word for word, do not omit what I tell to thee, then send it forth to teach the world how God, in clouds and mystery is weaving life to life human destiny. A light must mingled be with shade, and somber hue with brightness be.

 Upon this rock and round this tree, full eighty years ago there played, through gladsome summer days, a little winsome happy maid.

I hovered near her through bright hours, and watched the unfolding of her mind, and suffered any spirit ill to come near her with thought unkind.

Years bore her on toward womanhood, one eve she sat with pensive face, and pictured in the western cloud Apollo gay with winning grace. Then first the fiends of hell began her fair young soul to gather round, that eve they met and plans were made to snare her soul and drag her down. To snare her soul the demons planned, Apollo came, the maiden fell, from virtues high and holy path, she turned her path toward death and hell. She loved him well, but false he proved, left her unwed with broken heart. Her child was born, it lived not long, far better that it should   sped along, a man she weds, but happiness attended not, death claimed the man and widowhood and poverty became her lot. She tried to lead an honest life, oh how I tried to lead her right, I watched her cottage all the day and hovered near her cot by night.

One soft and calm midsummer night, when fairies are astir, the moon shed soft and silvery light and summer voices filled the air, again Apollo stood with her, upon that step before the door, and then a shout was heard in hell and demons met as once before. This time in exultations loud they chanted songs of hellish joy, songs never heard by mortal ears, nor mortals ears, nor mortal language they employ. The archfiend cried, exalt ye imps, for victory this night is ours, the door is barred against fiend and imp, but cupid enters every bower. Passion fiend assumes this form. Oh how they laughed in devilish glee, now go and do your work full well, a human soul your pay shall be.

Again a child was born by her without the bonds of holy tie, again deserted, doubly scorned, she prayed to God that she might die. The holy church of Christ that should have tried to shield and rescue her, withdrew its fellowship and left her soul a prey to black despair.
In all the world the only one who spurned her not, nor turned her away, was her poor wronged helpless child, who grew in beauty day by day. I prayed to God for power then, and made her love that little child with such a great and tender love as saved her from the demons wiles. And sent her to the Saviors feet, with penitential broken heart, he healed her soul of sins disease, and made the luring fiends depart.
And once again around this tree, within the shade of this old rock, through sunny hours a little winsome maiden played, her eyes the tint of heavens blue, her soul a mirror, polished fair, reflecting heavens purity, and heavenly thoughts angelic rare.

I hovered near her through bright hours, and watched the unfolding of her mind, and suffered any spirit ill to come near her with thought unkind.

Sadly the mother wept and thought, in years my fair and sweet child will grow to womanhood and a blighted life, for all will her sad story know. So over the mountains, toward the sun, I led them forth one dismal day, and the child looked back at the rock and wept, then turned away. Years came and went, to womanhood. They bore her on their rapid tide, and one day the mother saw her darling child a blushing bride. They locked the secret in their hearts, never told to mortal ears, and thus a heavy burden bore, that heavier weight with passing years. For children came to bless the home, but each dear child must never share the guilty knowledge and the shame that for a lifetime must be theirs.

And this because the race whom Christ forgives for sins as black as night, cannot forgive the erring one upon whose life is such a blight. 

Again the years sped fast along, and that home a young man came, and asked from there to take a wife to bear with him an honored name. To go out with him, side by side, to preach the gospel of the Son, to share his hardships and his toil, to share with him the victories won.
Say not was accident and strange, it was God who sent them to this place, where years ago the church turned out in sorrow and disgrace, the ancestor of her, whom now they love and respect, whose tenderness and sympathy for erring ones she never suspects. Was born with her because of tears, and sighing sobs and broken heart, of one who lived beneath a cloud whose darkening shadows never depart.

My tale is told, the lesson is, that mortal one, and Christ own heart of sympathy and pardon learn. See thou write it word from word, and never omit what I tell thee, then send it forth to teach the world, how God, in clouds and mystery, is weaving life to make human destiny, and how light must mingled be with the shade and somber hue with brightness be.

When a new light which we beg for shines in upon us, there are those who envy and oppose them if it come not first in at their casements. If they be of those whom God hath fitted for the special use of these times with eminent and with ample gifts, and those, perhaps, neither among the priests nor among the Pharisees, and we, in the haste of a precipitant zeal, shall make no distinction, but resolve to stop their mouths, because we fear they come with new and dangerous opinions, as we commonly forejudge them ere we understand them, no less then woe to us, while, thinking thus to defend the gospel, we are found the persecutors. And it was the immediate image of a Star Chamber decree to that purpose made in those very times when that court did rest, for which she is now fallen from the Stars with Lucifer.

Unwilling to inform the world that a soul which many devout church had left to perish had been snatched from destruction by the courageous charity of a woman of plain character. It is therefor not unlikely that they would prefer a fiction, at once edifying, to a truth which could not fail to give scandal.

Jesus is Yeshua HaMassiah:), halleluja!



BREAKING NEWS:  Pennsylvania House Speaker bans Jesus Christ from prayers.  Heroic Pastor Censored.  California City also debates vote to ban Jesus from prayers.  "California, Stand Up For Jesus!" State-wide Prayer Rally 5 Aug, 6pm in Lodi, CA.  



The right to pray publicly "in Jesus name" is under new attack in Pennsylvania and again in California.  Please let me explain to you exactly what terrible events just transpired...

The Democrat Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Keith R. McCall has just issued (and enforced) a policy which bans the name of Jesus Christ as illegal speech that may not be uttered during voluntary prayers spoken before the Pennsylvania state legislature.  

Pastor Gerry Stoltzfoos of Freedom Valley Worship Center in Adams County, PA had been invited to pray the invocation at the State-House on June 30th, but McCall's office insisted on previewing and censoring a written copy of the prayer beforehand.  

"I wrote the prayer and sent it to them and they sent back a very short rejection notice," Pastor Stoltzfoos told reporters from One News Now.  "So I wrote back, 'I'm curious as to why.' And they said it had an offensive word. 'Can you tell me what the word was?' And they came back and said 'Jesus.'"  Stoltzfoos says he prays in Jesus' name because Jesus instructed him to do so in the Bible.  In John 14, 15, and 16, Jesus said three times, "the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name."  Colossians 3:17 says, "whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus."

McCall's office then refused to allow Stoltzfoos to say the prayer before the legislature. The Democrat's staff told the pastor that Speaker McCall was afraid of lawsuit by atheist groups.

So let's take action...

Dear friends, you have stood beside me, to fight battles across the country defending the right to pray publicly "in Jesus name."  Together we petitioned and won in the U.S. Congress for military chaplains.  We have petitioned and reversed anti-Jesus policies in Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon. You and I have won court victories in Indiana for the right to pray in Jesus' name.  We've held 1000+ person rallies in Florida and Virginia, defending hospital and police chaplains.  We have stopped (thus far) the anti-Jesus Judge Hamilton by filibuster with nearly 700,000 faxes to the Senate.  You made a difference, in Jesus name.  But now the anti-Jesus battle has come to Pennsylvania, and I cannot overstate your importance on our team.


Penn. Speaker McCall spokesman Bob Caton told the York Daily Record (after silencing Pastor Stoltzfoos from saying "Jesus"), "It is not an attempt to silence religious leaders, but rather an effort to prevent taxpayers from having to foot the bill of a lawsuit if someone objects to a prayer's contents and chooses to sue the state."  He did not admit that if atheist groups sue, the Alliance Defense Fund has offered pro-bono legal defense of Christian prayers before any legislature, at zero tax-payer expense.

"Unfortunately, it's because states like Indiana and Ohio have been sued," Caton misled. "We've followed the example that unfortunately was set in other places. We're bringing Pennsylvania's practices in line with what other states have done."  

Actually, Indiana and Ohio have done the opposite.  When sued by atheists to ban Jesus prayers, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals bravely ruled to reverse an anti-Jesus ban, and restored pastors right to pray "in Jesus name" in the Indiana legislature.  (I know, because my lawyers and I personally advised the Indiana Attorney General who successfully appealed Hinrichs v. Bosma and WE WON a 2-1 appeals court ruling reversing the anti-Jesus policy).

And when the Ohio Speaker Jon Husted had temporarily mollified Democrat complainers by issuing an anti-Jesus prayer policy in 2007, I flew to Ohio and helped the Ohio Christian Alliance mobilize pastors to phone their legislators.  So many citizens called to demand free speech, that Speaker Husted bravely reversed his temporary ban, restoring the rights of  pastors to pray "in Jesus name" in the Ohio State House.  Now in Pennsylvania, Speaker McCall is doing the opposite of what other states and courts have directed.  





In 2007, the anti-Christian group Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) wrote a threatening letter to four key leaders of the Pennsylvania Senate, demanding they stop and censor pastors from speaking the word "Jesus" in their public prayers.  They complained that 25% of the invited pastors used "sectarian language" in prayers before the PA Senate, and threatened a lawsuit if any Jesus prayers were permitted.  

When I heard of this in 2007, I immediately wrote my own letter to those same four key Pennsylvania Senators, citing three national polls indicating that 76%, 85%, and 94% of voting citizens support all pastors rights to pray according to conscience, even if they pray "in Jesus name" in a public setting.  When the Senators realized they could be voted out of office by pro-Jesus voters, they found their nerve and stood firm to allow Jesus prayers in the Pennsylvania Senate.  In fact, PA State Senator Rich Alloway (R-Pennsylvania) heard the story and has already invited Stoltzfoos to pray before the state Senate on July 29th, 2009.  

Not all current members of the PA House fear the atheist complainers.  State Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams County) told the York Daily Record that he objects to McCall's prayer policy. "I personally don't think it's reasonable because our country was founded on Christian-Judeo beliefs. That's who started our government," Moul said. "We should never be ashamed to speak about our Christian beliefs. That's what our prayers are for."  

Moul supports a reasonable policy that allows rotating clergy from diverse groups to pray as guest chaplains according to their own faith.  "Legislators have the ability to leave the floor if they find the content of prayers offensive," he said.  "I am extraordinarily tired of the vast majority changing our way of life to accommodate a few," Moul said.  As for the argument that the state could face lawsuits, Moul said simply: "Let 'em sue us."  Other Reps and Senators remain undecided, so....

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

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