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If you could talk to someone that has died already who would you talk to? What would you say?

Another person who has come to mind since I posted earlier is my Fraternal grandmother.  She died when my father was 12.  She left 6 children in the hands of their father, and he was killed in a car accident the following year.  They were raised by their maternal grandfather. 

 I would like to know what her life was like tending to those 6 children in those days.  She was 36 when she died and had been sickly all her life and her father despised the fact that her husband "kept her pregnant."  

    I like to think that she knows her children grew up to become decent and loving individuals, and that they managed their depression as well as could be expected.  One thing those 6 orphans never did, was take life for granted.  I'd like to give her a hug for my Dad.

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