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How do you say something diferent other that

How do you say something diferent other that "Girl you are right"?

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Why not go back to basics?

"I agree with you."


Meanwhile, here is a page from the thesaurus which may give you a few ideas:

Main Entry: right

Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: accurate, precise

Synonyms: absolute, admissible, amen, authentic, bona fide, complete, correct, exact, factual, faithful, free of error, genuine, immaculate, indubitable, inerrant, infallible, just, nice, on the money, on the nose, out-and-out, perfect, proper, punctilious, real, right as rain, right on, righteous, rigorous, satisfactory, solemn, sound, strict, sure, thoroughgoing, true, undistorted, undoubted, unerring, unmistaken, utter, valid, veracious, veridical, veritable, watertight

Antonyms: imprecise, inaccurate, inadmissible, wrong

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I would drop the "girl" part.  A grown woman is not a "girl"

How about saying: 

You are right. I agree.  Spot on.  You got it.  In sync.  Hit the nail on the head.

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