Sarah Palin or Michelle Obama?

Which one do you support?

Sarah Palin or Michelle Obama?

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No question about it: Sarah Palin.  Not only does she have an astounding IQ, she is personable, an effective leader, and has broad political support.  In political matters, Palin is the clear preference by any rational standards.

Have you checked your medical benefits since Obamacare?

Sarah. She is a proud to be an American.

Let us all cautiously remember that Michelle Obama blew her husband's poorly kept secret: that he is Kenyan, illegally in this country, and doubly illegally in office.  If she is no more discreet than that, then we have to question her judgment, loyalty to her husband, and in fact her integrity for having stayed with a known racist bigot. 

In all, Michelle Obama is the bane of American women.

Sarah Palin suffers no such drawbacks.  She is fit to be President and has my undivided support.


What we can imagine, we will eventually do.

Michelle Obama is well educated, has class, and is a valuable asset to her husband and this country. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to Alaska and her party.

Thank you for embarrassing the Democrats again, Tadpole (with a cowardly anonymous post).  When will you realize that only racists and criminals could possibly side with the Bigot of Kenya, Jeremiah Wright, and you?  After all, racism is absolutely exclusive to you deep south con artists.

Let us also remember that the entire message of the Obamination is summed up, "GOD DAMN AMERICA!"  Since that is all Obama has ever said, then all his supporters are equally foul mouthed, racist, hateful, bitter, abusive, and deranged -- without one exception.

Remember: Obama lapped up the racist venom of this insane racist bigot for 21 years so that he could be the perfect leftist liberal, which of course absolutely sets the requirement that all leftists be as filthy and obscene as the anti-Christian racist bigot, Wright.


Remember also that I told you so.

We learn from history that we learn nothing from history: those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

I got nothing against black people unless they are crooked or dirty.  Obatso is crooked low down and dirty any way you look at him.  Michelle ain't the brightest either.  The first lady ain't an elected position.  Sarah Palin won Governor honest and showed us all she has what it takes to run the nation.

Obatso ran the nation so far into debt we can't pay the interest.  Any way you look at it, that is treason.  Michelle done all she could to run up her bills to six figures just on shoes -- all bought in Europe!

You don't see that with Sara Palin.

I'll stick with Sara cause at least I know for sure she is an American.  Obatso ain't American.  Every where Michelle Obama goes, people give her the one finger salute and boo at her cause of what she done to us.  She parades around with soldiers cause they have to take orders from her but then her hubby stabs 'em in the back and cheats 'em out of fair settlement for their combat injuries.

How do you get any lower or meaner than that?  She was at a Yankees game parading around with racked up vets and everyone booed at her cause she is such an obvious con artist.  They booed her off the NASCAR track last summer the same way, the rotten little cheat!

I can't think of one place she is welcome cause of the way she has been treating people.

"Peace on earth to people of good will," Luke, chapter 2.

Sarah Palin is a bimbo whose relatives are crystal meth heads. Michelle Obama is a Harvard lawyer. Nuff said.

Sarah Palin = proven leader.
Michelle Obatty = Muslim racist & liar.
Not even American.
Criminal every way through.

Leftists drive ppl to grudges. What good is there in that? Elections here are over. Fix up what Obama ruined.

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