Santa claus's nationality?

santa came from somewhere, right? He must have a passport. What country is he from?

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santa has no nationality! He comes from no nation yet represents all nations. He was born in the north pole, and employees elves from all over the world. About Mrs Claus - well, that’s a different story.

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In all the cartoons santa has a european look. I would say he probably comes from Germany or Sweden.

Santa Claus --since he belongs to the hearts of all good children, (and the "young at heart"), must have "The Sovereign State of the United Nations" as his nationality. The UN issues its own postage, and is NOT a part of New York City, but is INTERNATIONAL Ground. Therefore, I think this would be the PERFECT nationality for Santa, and the place from which his pass-port is issued! .

"Most people see things as they are, and ask, 'why'? But I think of things that never were, and ask, 'why not'?" -- George Bernard Shaw.

Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, yesterday officially designated Santa as a Canadian citizen, with air rights to fly over the country at any time.

St. Nicholas is from Turkey (Asia Minor), but the North Pole is international territory, and as a citizen of the North Pole, he belongs to everyone.

When Christmas comes 'round, what could be better, Than to find in your mailbox...a Santa Letter?

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