Salt in the Corner

What does it mean to put salt in the corners of a room?

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Hey dude, thanks for the post. I found some salt in the corners of a room today and was curious. I thought everyone had gone to bed by now.

Wow!  I forgot about Mr. Fuji!  Were I still practicing Wicca, I would put a pinch of salt in each corner of a room to purify the room.  You don't want anger to block a spell.  For you, FB, being in Louisiana, it is probably a Hoodoo ritual, which is African-American witchcraft.

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What Skitch said. One origin was Russian; where a new Bride, and Groom wouldn't enter a new home, without throwing salt in all four corners of their new house to prevent evil spirits; and promote health, and well-being. But, I had to look it up. I do go with some practices: always return a knife to the person you get it from, in the same position that you recieved it (Folded, or unfolded). Knocking on wood (IE: after saying something like, "That's NEVER happened to me". Avoiding walking under ladders. Finding pennies FACE up. To the last one; my daughter, when she finds one face-down; she turns it up. so someone else will find it! (Her idea)

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Salt (sodium chloride) has long been associated with religious ideas of purification, keeping away evil spirits or bad energy, and inviting good luck. Although such beliefs are now often attributed to geomancy or other animistic beliefs like Feng Shui, the use of salt has also figured prominently in Judaism and Christianity (the word "salvation" supposedly comes from salt.) Since the human body requires salt to function properly and sustain life, salt has also been considered extremely valuable, especially in desert regions where it may not be plentiful or easily attainable.

If you found salt in the corners of a room in Red Stick, fifthbeatle, I'll bet someone who lived there before you or someone in your household was using it for some kind of geomancy, to purify the "chi" or keep evil spirits at bay.

Here's an intereting page about the history of salt:

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What are you doing home today, Chucho?  I never saw you as a superstitious kinda guy, but it is cute!  I practiced Wicca for almost 25 years, but finally realized that it was 95% ritual and only 5% belief.

~ "Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." Buddha ~ S.N.O.T.S., Inc. ~ ~

You're right; it's more practice. I guess it's not as much superstition, as agnosticism - Don't know if it works, but it couldn't hurt! LOL besides; there are so many people in my profession that believe, and when in Rome...I was taught how to be a pipelayer 25 years ago, by an old black man. He had certain rituals that if I wanted to learn his trade, I had to practice. And, since we normally were anywhere from 16, to 45 feet in the ground; our lives were dependent on one another. To this day, I am part of a team, where lives are in my hands; and mine are in someone else's. So, it can't hurt! Anyway - As far as what I'm doing today? No work! Didn't work Monday (Snow). Tuesday - Poured, and finished footers; inside an occupied building, for a new mezzanine. Had to do 17 yards, with a Georgia buggy; around all their shelving, and computers. Yesterday - No work. Rested my back. Today - Still no work! All the supers were put on hourly, a month ago; so we are rotating around the projects. It's not helping with my money situation; I can tell you!

If my kids have a good life, I will be happy

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