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Geographically segregated lead generation contacts are crucial to any new business campaign.  Moreover, one really wants to be able to segregate a marketing database in many ways from turnover to number of employees.  It's all part to the "demographic profiling" that Stephen Law of SL-Freelance would do for you when working out how to win new business.

There's little point hoping to sell to everyone - you need to work out who is likely to buy from you, and who is likely to buy from you first.  Segmenting data through demographic profiling helps.  If you work in the UK, it's no use getting contacts from Peru - you need to find contacts for the UK to target.  If you only work in the Southeast UK then that's the geographically segmented contact information that you need.

As a Freelance Business Development and Consultative Telemarketing Expert, here at I can help people to find the right contact data with the ability to segment on geography, size, etc.  All data is not the same, and some data providers are far better than others.  All data degrades the moment it is captured - it's all part of the fast-moving world we live in.  20 years ago, people talked about a job-for-life.  Today, the average time anyone spends working for the same company is about 3 years.  Hence, people leave organisations and the data becomes out of date.  At SL-Freelance I offer the most accurate and up-to-date contact data for sales lead generation.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who needs help.

Stephen Law

Business Development & Consultative Telemarketing Expert
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