Saints become last a rookie team and signed

The New Orleans saints team or the only a haven't signed and rookie team. But on Thursday that day, the team announced it had and this year's third round rookie Akiem Hicks signed a four year contract.

The details of the contract was not disclosed, but as this year's 89, rookie, he is expected to contract value at about $2.7 million,Nike Canada including $542900 the signature of the prize.

Hicks is a defensive cut back, his college career is bumpy, has traveled in Sacramento city college, Louisiana state university and the university of Regina, Regina university in two seasons in a total of 66 times he intercept and capture kill eight times.

The saints Vibram Five Fingers Saleteam has already signed free-agent broderick-especially the nations, he will and Cedric-Ellis injured starting together, and hicks will and veteran remy-AYao del competition defensive position on the front section playing time.

NFL's official website launched 2011 season spectator sports review, for you to review of today is 10 weeks away against the giants 49 team game, Cheap NBA Jerseyseventually 49 people with a team of array of advantage over opponents, the game more moment also in the ten exciting moment, then both parties in the national league final meet again, the giants in San Francisco and reached the super bowl slow.

Both sides in the 10 weeks of a confrontation, can regard as the league final rehearsal, though no final so important,cheap Nike Shoes but the process is smooth, not the kui is a good game. The giants record is 6 wins and two negative, 49 ers 7-1, both parties can say percussion, so hit the pleasing to the eye of the game, and the final caution is obvious.

Game against both sides is fierce, the score is also very deeply worried, especially defense group, all is well known hard sent representatives,Nike australia despite the many times GongOu scored each other, the result is no can reach array in the first half. Changes occur in the third quarter,Cheap NBA Jerseys Iraq-petre manning and Mario's stunning Mario Manningham found the tacit understanding, to answer the ball behind han petre manning of array let the giants in a 13 to 12 lead. Soon after 49 ers fighting back, Vernon Davis dribbling stumbling run 30 yards, high to head home will bring the defensive player into the area.

InKendall Hunter for 49 ers lead to the 27-after 13, Mr. The fourth quarter "Iraq lai" come back, he organized a Cheap Vibram Five Fingerswave of for seven times pass 80 yards of offense, the last 32 yards passing help HaJiM-the knicks of matrix, the giants defense group got the ball again after Iraq had launched a continuous, 16 times promote 70 yards of offense,GHD Hair Straightener in the game more than 50 seconds left to see up to battle, but catch players in court since last being struck by one hand distance and miss equaliser of matrix, the giants finally defeated by 20-27.

The game is the giants offense the ball routine drills, Iraq-petre manning is very good, played a key sir, his average score as high as in the fourth quarter of 110, Nike Free Run 2although the final defeat, but the giants offense not allow small peep, through the exercise, in the future much of games in Detroit, stable psychological quality and good technology has helped the giants pass,Nike Shoes australia get to make all the way to the super bowl champion.

NFL's official website launched 2011 season good game reviews, today introduce you to the ranking of the game is 19, 15 weeks shock victory over BaoZhuangGong kaizer chiefs of the game, the regular season ended BaoZhuangGong team streak.

This season, kaizer chiefs in no team runs health Jamaal Charles played very hard, most of the games were very ugly, the game the situation even more difficult, nike air max 1quarterback matt-Sam cassell, Everett Tony-and they came into the moi injury list, with the rank of 31 attack ability to deal with the BaoZhuangGong has 13 straight, looks chances of victory is very slim.

But the result is the emirates team with 19-14 win, their three attack success rate, quarterback passing efficiency, nike air max UKwickedly plotting to the release of the explosive force are, this is the biggest upset last season, thus becomes ranking of 19 good game, and it is the coach romeo-clay Neil replace Todd-hayley first game.

The emirates team's two passes let BaoZhuangGong passing misfire, Greg-it NanCiJiJiu Jennings, because the chief's main security guard Eric bailey also wasn't on the court, brandon-flower, and brandon-Karl performance,Cheap NFL Jerseys that lead to Rogers can't set to route passes. Green bay right cut feng Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod has fallen, the ground offensive is not BaoZhuangGong strengths, Mr Rogers unexpectedly is the team with more than a third of the player.

The fourth quarter Jackie Battle key ground offensive will lead to the 19-7 after, green bay man began to nervous,Nike Free Run 2 because in the first half of the passing only 59 Rogers code (6/17), mike McCarthy whether it should be using wild cats tactics?NBA Basketball Jerseys BaoZhuangGong team insist on passing, after a series of stable short passing, Mr Rogers passing almost to the success rate 50% (17/35), 3 minutes before the end of the game, and Rogers run array a lakers 13-7 for 14 to 19, and since then the score never changes.

The game's most excellent collective is kaizer chiefs defensive group, and good individual is a couple--just from the broncos trading and the four points to WeiKaiEr-Mr Meal, and his passing and successful 23 times,Nike Shoes NZ promote the distance is 299 yards, and not copied section, and the performance of the horse is completely different.

Mr Rogers also not in vain, in the third quarter to the took over Donald Driver is the personal season of 40 array passing, break the law eph keep Nike Free Run 2one season and the team of array of passing records, and Mr Rogers and two weeks time to further improve the record.

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