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Background: We all face a conclusion. I look back on a life of adventure, mountaintop experiences, the heights of joy and the pit of fear. I have no regrets. The grim reaper isn't evil. ...

My husband, Mike, asked me to pick up his email.  We are grateful for your prayers.  Mike gave us all a very bad scare.  I thought we were going to lose him!  He will return home with us to Rochester once the radiology team here says he is fit to leave but he won't live much longer.  He wanted to be at home with us.

I feel a bit jealous of you.  While he was gone at that pesthole in the desert he spent more time with you than he did with me.  The wife of a physicist is never certain that her husband will come back.  Even so I could not have respected him had he been a coward.

Life is uncertain.  All we have is each other. 

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.
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Sailka@aol.com Thinks this answer is Helpful:

God Bless you, Mike!. Chin Up!. I'm praying for you In Church 1-2 AM.

Sailka@aol.com Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Just a Suggestion: Ask a Catholic Priest to give you "ANNOINTING OF THE SICK", and Baptism, if you haven't been. I've seen Annointing of the Sick Work, in person. One need not be Catholic, either. We had no idea!. Chin Up. God Bless.

Sailka@aol.com Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Annointing iof the Sick is To Heal; as I said, I've seen it bring back people to "Normal" age 70 health, from no heartbeat!.

Southern 7162

Miracles happen, Salika.  We have faith.

~Sweet Gypsey~ Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free bird


Be well, my prayers with you..

Sweet G

Chaplain John Thinks this answer is Helpful:

We have much insight that God gives us.  We are conceived, born, live, and die.  Before and after, we exist as spirits.  That is the natural state of all conscious entities, as mortality is but a tiny blink. 


When the body expires, the spirit floats free and joins those whose actions are most like ours.  So God has said it and so it shall be.  In any case it is a very sensible thing to do.


A very good man has died, and we should not flinch from it.  We will also perish at the moment and in the manner that was prescribed.  What we do in the life we have demonstrates our character.  That determines where we go next.


We have seen that even the loss of a great man is only to be mourned for the appropriate time.  Then we, the living, go on until it is our turn.


The idea is that we shall be accountable for our actions, words, and thoughts, of what sort they were.  Did we motivate others to better themselves?  Did we use all our resources properly?  Did we take good care of our loved ones?  Did we develop the faith necessary to make sense of this maddening riddle we call life?


That is how we evaluate our lives, why we did as we did.


We have no right to praise or accuse one another: only God has that authority.  The solution is to accept one another as we hope to be accepted, to forgive as we hope to be forgiven, to trust as we hope to be trusted, etc.


In Jesus' Name, I bid you peace.

Trampo Thinks this answer is Helpful:

You make a lot of sense Preacherman.  Maybe if we all forgave each other we'd be in better shape.  Sometimes that is hard to do when people just grate on your nerves and scream hate at you.

~American~~Patriot~ Thinks this answer is Helpful:

My prayers are with you

Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Helpful:

My prayers are that we can draw one thing from Rocmike's work on AOLA: that we can come together with our differences dismissed.  I forget where it occurs but one of his posts was quite extraordinary.  He was in Vietnam and exposed himself to bulldog ants, a gift from Australia via their shipping interests as I understand it.


He described anaphylactic shock which he barely survived.  Severe allergic reactions are the most life threatening injuries that we can face short of gunshot wounds and massive trauma.  American protocols will not deal with the unique toxic brew found in bulldog ants: it takes a unique antidote to counteract that very potent toxin.


He also described that he saved a convent and orphanage and that the nuns in turn saved his life.  He certainly did not describe himself in heroic terms, but he described the nuns as quite heroic.  That is very common among decorated veterans.  I therefore give him the benefit of the doubt.


A man of such character could rest on his laurels but it appears that he continued in the military earning an Honorable Discharge and then pursued a highly advanced degree in physics. 


If I had not read some of Rock Mike's posts on physics, I would never have believed these tales.  They seem torn from an adventure novel.  Yet all fits a reasonable chronology that a well motivated man could accomplish.


I find myself in a quandary: if a man claims great accomplishments and then does not know from where he speaks, then I know that I am dealing with a boastful person.  If he knows details that only an experienced person could know, then I find myself inclined to believe him, even if his tales might at first seem a little farfetched.


In all, I am very inclined to believe The Rock.  He has shown the case clearly and has insider knowledge that comes only from years of experience.

~American~~Patriot~ Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Mike was indeed a Rock

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