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"Where is the best place to be in the united states so as not to be killed during a nuclear explosion??? A friend told me today that he moved from Florida to here in Klamath Falls,OR, because he had read that it was the safest place to be if the above was to ever happen. I researched it online but so far no luck on a straight answer. I'm just curious if he's exaggerating or better yet, halucinating! lol

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Well most places are safe...If tjis is at the top of your friends list for relocating then they are LOCO. Although....the further west one is (prevailing winds) statisticly the safer one would be from fallout or contamination. Still think your friend is whacked(or running from a warrant),but the argument could hold water.

Thin slices of thought cut quickest.

In your bed with the covers over your head. Or under water. Or in the basement of your house. Fallout shelter.


I'm  not sure if you have seen the Hurricanes we get in Florida, but, some people were trying to leave the state for refuge in a near by state and found them self getting hit by the same hurricanes they were fleeing from.

We don,t  know, for sure, where it would hit ( except for the government) the only thing we can do is be alert.  May  God protect us all.

If God is with us, who can be against us?

Nuclear strikes target population centers and high value military structres. The fallout of the radiation is blown by wind. The safest place to be would therefore be anywhere on the Oregon coast. One because there is little population and military high value targets and two, because the wind blows in from the pacific ocean and would be potentially free of radiation.


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