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How safe is it to travel in India?

Is it safe to travel in India, particularly Southern India? I saw on TV where ordinary people have been taken hostage for money, I think it was in the North. Is this a true reflection of the country as a whole? I would love to see India, I might have to go alone, but the temples and the interesting things I have read have made India sound fascinating.

For the last 14 years I have been a 24/7 Carer for both my parents who where terminally ill. Now I have time to travel and would love to do so. However, I don't want to go anywhere that  is  advised unsafe due to hostage taking, coupes, or police brutality as I want to use the rest of my life to live!

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I am glad you are asking this. I am from India and currently live in USA. I travel to south India every year and have never experienced any criminal activity. South Indians are very peaceful by nature. Apart from few areas in India (in East), most of the india is very safe. The only crime you need to worry about is petty crime such as someone stealing your shoes (you need to enter temples barefoot) etc.

I travel extensively in India every year and have had no bad experience so far. Only precaution I take is 1. never leave my belongings unattended in public places 2. do not venture own alone during late nights in unlit areas.

Most of the tourist places in India get millions of foreign tourists and they are well equipped to handle everything.

Good luck and have a great trip to India.

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 thank very much showing great intrest in OUR LOVING NATION "" INDIA"".

hi , iam panindra , from India .

   the only one thing which i can tell you about your concern relating security is that "  OUR INIDA IS AS SAFE AS YOUR COUNTRY".

 The news which you are heard is not true , yes , these things happens 

 in every country , but the main thing is that in our INIDIA the peoples are honest and great petriots that they love there country like anything.

   coming  to SOUTH INDIA , I live in Bangalore ( silicon valley of asia, software city ) ,Karnataka state  belongs to south inida .  this is the place where every year millions of people from europe and america visit for  tourism and for buissenes .  they are all traveled here safely and they enjoyed good moments being here in India .

i am very to say u that this place is very safe and here the administration,police  and people are

ever ready serve the people who are coming from abroad for visiting INDIA .     i am very confident that once you visit this country you will come to know the innocent hearts of inidan Citizen. 

 INida has heritaze  of  big histroy tourist place  the history of India is always great . this INIDA is one of the oldest civilazation that ever exist .

Our north part is also good worth travelling .   Taj mahal  ... a beatifull  palace ..is a sybol of love and peace ..please visit this place .

 our south is a place of histray and culture , the temples and rivers ,  once you visit here  i am sure your heart never wants go from here .







HERE IS MY id :   panindra@aol.com , panindraklr@yahoo.co.in ,panindrakolar@gmail.com


thank for you concern , i am loking forward to you   journey to INIDA very soon   cheear up,, bye  


Wrong comment about East India, Eastern parts like Kolkata which was the home of Mother Teresa is the safest and most welcoming place to travel.

There are many places which are unaffected by the troubles in Mumbai. You may find this link to be of some help in planning your trip.


hi. this is venkatesh


I have been living here from 25 years and i travelled many places but i did not face not even a single crime in my life.

my designation is service engg i have to travel  all over the india  in this i meet many people who guided and talked with me in a really good manner.


All over the world is facing the same problem and it is the responsibilty of the govt and the people to take a strict actions against the people to commit a such mistakes.such people should be punished  severly so that their partners  get a fear before doing  this so that the normal people cannot get a bad immpression  and they can live a peacefull life. some people who r experienced such type of case they should not tell that most of people r criminals  infact 95% of the people r good everywhere only few  who r not cared properly from there childwood . I like some contries because there the accused will not get  another chance to do the same mistake.   

my suggestion is that travelling in india will really give a good experience in your life .only just we need to take a little care because it is necessary for  ourselves whereever we go .     



"How safe is it to travel in United States, with 9/11, homeless black population, shoot-outs"


First off lets not generalize "homeless black population", becuase that is a false factor...Being that only 12% of America is black it is flase that there is a huge populus of black homeless people...In fact more people in america are poor white homless men than black people....and besides this race has nothing to do with the crime we deal with her in america... In fact statistics show that you are more likely to be maliciously murdered by a white man than any other race in america...so lets not not make false statements....thanks

And yes india is a great place..and if you have common sense and dont act dumb then you will be just fine...India is like any where else..always watch your surrondings and be nice to people......the news and media falsely represents foreign countriesWink

India is an incredibly safe place to travel, but like anywhere in the world, you do have t be a little bit careful with certain aspects of the country.

Common sense is key, for example - Walking around with a sporting a Rolex and waving wads of cash about is only going to get you into trouble. There are also more dangers involved for female travellers. Take a look at this page link, there are loads of  all about traveling in India from the emotional aspects to dealing with the poverty and making the most of your trip.


Use your brain and you will no doubt have a life changing experience like I did.

India is a large country and very multiracial/multi cultural.For female tourist,never dress scantily,always stay in the crowd,but also try to avoid overcrowded places as u will be pinched at the arms or ass or any part of the body and 2nt mind the eve teasers with strong stares as it also happens everyday to most indian females as well and it really seems quite natural(hahaha).Once you get out of your hotel,the first thing you should keep in your mind is, not to be cheated.Some could be pretty sweet and friendly but those are the people that can cheat and fool you "mercilessly".At any cost,try to avoid problems coz even talking to the police could be very hard and troublesome unless you talk to someone at the higher rank.As long as you keep an indian happy,he will be a great friend and guide to you but always check you rear and back and be cautious as they have a tendency to flip flop quite easily.overall,India is a good place to travel with it;s rich culture,traditions and historical architectures.Just follow those few simple rules and you will have fun.

Hi, I visited India and not  facing this type of problems . Southern India is more peaceful  and Educated people are there so don't worry.

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