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When is it safe to take a bee hive down from a tree branch? when do bees die off?

when are bee hives safe to get out of tree

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Read this web page for the answer to your question. I would call a professional.

Free as a bird, it's the next best thing to be. Free as a bird.

Well, it's never really 'safe' per se. I agree about hiring a professional.  That being said, you CAN do it yourself.  Make sure you are as completely covered as you can be.  Pick up a mosquito net hat at your fishing store. Use rubber bands around your wrists and ankles around your shirt sleeves and pant legs.  Don't give the bees ANY entryway under your clothes.


If you're going to do anything yourself, do it at dawn or dusk.  Get ready to run if you have to. (yes, we professionals will run sometimes, even with the fancy bee suits and things).  The nest will not be gone until you get the queen.  It might take a few treatments.  Don't worry about removing the hive.  And forget about gathering the honey - you're just looking for trouble.

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