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Is it safe to take sensa if you have thyroid disease

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Follicular Thyroid carcinoma?

Autoimmune thyroiditis?

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Why is the thyroid more affected by radiation exposure?

thyroid in our body need iodine. Radiation from a nuclear reactor for example are contain iodine also, so it affect this area much more than other parts of the body. here are some ways to reduce it effects : http://rawfoodhealthwatch.com/potassium-iodine-for-radiation/

My GP said there might be something wrong with my thyroid, help?

Your GP thinks you have an underactive thyroid. There is tons of info on the web about this condition. It's not life threatening. You take a small pill once a day and you're fine. Occasionally the dose might need to be adjusted and you'll need blood work periodically. But it is nothing to worry ...

Cyst on thyroid

I have had a small cyst on my thyroid for years and it has remained non-malignant during this time period. I go back about once a year for an ultrasound to make sure that everything is alright. During the past year I too had problems with my thyroid (silent thyroid dysfunction) which really threw ...