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Rzt 50 transmission problem

Rzt 50 cub cadet my ? Is what makes the transmission on the left hand side to quiet pulling when it gets hot?

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You will want to read this message thread for some very good tips on fixing your problem:

"Cub cadet RZT 50 hydrostatic transmission"


My hydrostatic transission. What could be the problem?

The original drive belt for the 2004 rzt-22 (50 inch deck) is 47.8" long.  as it stretches, the idler pulley is supposed to take up the tension and keep it from slipping in order to maintain power.

unfortunately the idler pulley can only move a small amount before its arm hits a bracket and keeps it from maintaining tension.

i solved this problem by switching from the oem 47.8" belt to an aftermarket Huskee kevlar 47" belt on the transmission.  not very hard to put on but stays tight all the time.  also costs a lot less than the mtd/cub cadet belt.


hope that helps


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