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Rotten Egg smell

what could make your house smell like rotten eggs, I turned on the air cond. and when i got home it smelled like rotten eggs. I turned it off and opened the window now it is gone what would do that not even sure the air had anything to do with it.

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Hi Tweety,
H2S smells like rotten eggs.  Is there any chance that you have it at home or it was formed somehow ?.
Best regards,

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YellAccording to specialists in heating/AC biz  you should not panic however, promptly get one of these workers to your residence. The connecting pipes and source apparatus are the culprits.It is not electrical.It is a gaseous predicament.Perhaps internal leakage.Check with the BetterBusinessBureau.You need A pro! Go for the reasonable cost/charge on comparisons from a possible 3 choices.Now get on it!

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sounds like a gas leak propain or natural gas id call the fire dept to double check leave the house dont use any nelectricl devices in the home

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95% chance it's just a sewer gas. If your a/c is in the house you will have a 3/4inch line that drops into a 2 inch pipe below your a/c in the return air space. You can take a vent off to see the drain. Most likely the trap that keeps sewer gases out of the house beneath this has gone dry or is broken and sewer gases are being sucked through the a/c. If the primary 3/4 condensate drain is clogged it will not drip water into the 2" drain. I'd pour a glass of water into the 2" drain and see if the smell goes away in a couple of hours. I have found this to be the problem in many houses while investigating smells and doing smoke testing for sewer gas leaks. It would not hurt to call a plumber to investigate. I get calls like this all the time and it's usually something simple.

Or try
The evaporator coil (inside one) is dirty, unplug the unit, pull it out and spray lysol, a dilute bleach solution or another cleaner on it, both sides, rinse from a spray bottle with clear water and wash or replace the filter. What you smell is mold and bacteria growing from the moisture taken from the room air. don't scrub or you will bend the little fins and reduce the efficiency of the unit. good luck!

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Because your nose is up it. Simply remove your nose clean it. Then, don't put your nose there anymore and your nose will smell fine again.

I took Patriot's (above) advice and my coil's were all gunked up!  Vacuumed them off and I am back in business again with clean smelling AC!


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