Is Ron Paul the New GOP Candidate?

Will he be the next president?

Is Ron Paul the New GOP Candidate?Getty

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Louis Farrakhan endorses Ron Paul

NOVEMBER 29, 2011


One more reason to steer clear of Ron Paul as far as I’m concerned.



Louis Farrakhan endorses Ron Paul - YouTube


Another thing I don’t like about Ron Paul is his vision of Iran not being a threat.
And Farrakhan, don’t even get me started on that racist, anti-semitecrazier than a shithouse rat, idiot

RON PAUL 2012!! please save our country!

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~Ron PaulLet Iran Have the Bomb - Newsmax~


Experts: Alleged plot shows Iran has no fear of U.S.

An alleged Iranian plot to kill a Saudi ambassador in Washington shows that the ruling mullahs have no fear of the United States and that U.S. policy toward the Islamic republic must be more assertive, according to some Iran experts.

If the Justice Department account is accurate, the plot was launched with the approval of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and means Iran's leaders "did not fear a muscular American response," said former CIAofficer Reuel Marc Gerecht, now with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.



(PPP) — Yesterday PPP released numbers showing Herman Cain leading Mitt Romney 30-22 in Iowa and our monthly look at the national picture finds the exact same numbers.  Cain is up 30-22 on Romney with Newt Gingrich sneaking past Rick Perry for 3rd place at 15% to Perry’s 14% with Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul tied for 5th at 5%

Ron Paul seems to me like as spineless as Obama and would let us get hit with a terrorist attack that would make 9-11 look small. With the way Obama is going, we will be lucky to make it another year.

Ron Paul seems to me like the least offensive and least harmful choice.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

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