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Should Romney withdraw his candidacy? Intell agency person reports Romney was advised by former AG to quit race. 5th Ed today, http://www.deawatch.com

Why should the ideal leader of America resign?  If anyone should resign it is a racist incompetent named Obama.  Has Obama ever done anything properly, besides yell blasphemy in a denounced pseudochristian cult with his defrocked former minister?

Only the dirtiest weakies would side with that.

Romney is the proper man for the Presidency and that is why sane people support him all the way.

Life is for the bold. The sea makes its demand. Never tolerate a weakie. I have left back for the continent and then back to Scotland. I may check in when we dock in Inverness or I might not. It was good conversing with you but for one weakie who suffers an obsession with Obama.
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Rocmike aka American Patriot, you are starting your posting marathon early today. Don't worry about letting everyone  getting to know your newest alias Michael MacGilvary, it posts just like the rest of your aliases. Rocmike I see you switched over to your alias Bill. So far 4 hours of posting under Michael MacGilvray and and hour under Bill who's still posting. IS THIS GOING TO BE A LONG DAY OF AN IDIOT USING MANY ALIASES TO REPEAT THE SAME CRAP OVER AND OVER. I see you have some anonymous posts also.

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