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A report purporting to show potentially historic levels of support from Jewish voters for Mitt Romney in a general election matchup with Barack Obama appears to be either profoundly flawed or simply ...

Dear Friends;

On the question; "Can Romney get the Jewish vote?" the answer for most of us is-"What does he have that qualify him more so than the others?" A peron's religion should not have anything to do with his other qualifications, as long as he keeps his faith to himself, and abid by the moral and ethical principels in it.

This is America.



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Michael MacGilvray

Romney is a Mormon (they denounce the use of whiskey that I greatly enjoy but perhaps I should give it up, alas).  Still I have never heard him utter one word against Jews or mainline Christians -- or anyone else for that matter.  All that he says is truthful and positive, which Democrats find terrifying because he is above their games. 


That put Democrats in a dire panic and has kept them in a state of constantly deepening despair, because now they will have to earn their keep instead of sell out to a hate machine.


I have never seen one Democrat anywhere who was not a militant hate spewer and then over such matters as race and the religion of one's ancestors -- never anything to do with one's choices and actions.


One's choices and actions are the only issue that matter.  Romney is absolutely qualified for office, we know for sure that he is an American, and frankly, he is bold enough to do the job where Obama merely bungles from one error to the next, never bothering to plan one thing.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Therefore Obama failed repeatedly and if re-elected would only fail again.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot, you are starting your posting marathon early today. Don't worry about letting everyone  getting to know your newest alias Michael MacGilvary, it posts just like the rest of your aliases. Rocmike I see you switched over to your alias Bill. So far 4 hours of posting under Michael MacGilvray and and hour under Bill who's still posting. IS THIS GOING TO BE A LONG DAY OF AN IDIOT USING MANY ALIASES TO REPEAT THE SAME CRAP OVER AND OVER. I see you have some anonymous posts also.

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