So----Romney is running for president in a country where only white people live?

So----Romney is running for president in a country where only white people live?

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Sure looks like the Obama race card is popping up again like during the last election. I can pop it up also the reason is Obama want's to put high taxes on the so called rich people so look it up and see what percent of white people are called rich and what percent of black people are rich. Sure it's a big distance between the black and white.

And Obama ran in a country where only the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Black Supremists, park bench huggers, Occupiers and Welfare recipiants live oh hellsbells almost forgot the frikken Unions.

Lady Darko

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

Mitt Romney would have let the auto industry go bankrupt. Mitt Romney thinks unemployment insurance is a disaster. Mitt Romney wants to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits. Mitt Romney wants to cut benefits on just about everyone who needs them in order to finance even more tax cuts for the extremely wealthy— people such as Mitt Romney. In other words, Mitt Romney wants to impose austerity on pretty much everyone other than the very few who are in the economic class of Mitt Romney. In fact, Mitt Romney's economic program is so unfair, and it so favors the very few who are in the economic class of Mitt Romney, that he doesn't even want us to know its details. And that gets to the core of why Mitt Romney is unfit to govern.


The problem with Mitt Romney is not only that he doesn't want us to know the details of his economic agenda, which suggests that it's even worse than what we do know, and what we do know is bad enough, but Mitt Romney also doesn't want us to know any details about Mitt Romney. Breaking with the tradition that voters should know as much as is possible about presidential candidates, Mitt Romney won't release his tax returns. What is he hiding? Breaking with the tradition that voters should have at least some idea about a presidential candidate's positions on major issues, Mitt Romney has flip-flopped so many times on so many issues that even one of his top campaign advisors openly admitted that Romney's stands can be erased and rewritten without notice. Does he even have any principles or values, or is that he doesn't want us to know what they are? What is he hiding? Mitt Romney has taken so many stands on so many issues that even he can't remember where he is supposed to stand on them on any given day. Maybe what Mitt Romney is hiding is that there is no Mitt Romney at all.


For their part, Republican congressional leaders want to repeal the Obama health care law, which would explode the national debt. Republican congressional leaders offer nothing to replace the Obama health care law. House Republicans voted to end Medicare. House Republicans want to decimate health care spending. House Republicans want to take away a million Pell Grants. House Republicans want to punish low income Americans. House Republicans want to punish senior citizens. House Republicans want to punish women. House Republicans want to drive even more Americans from some semblance of food security into poverty. The House Republican budget leader wants to drive even more children into poverty. Whatever they may say they want to do, the agenda of congressional Republicans would be devastating for tens of millions of Americans.


Unfortunately, being wrong— even stupidly wrong— is not in itself proof of unfitness to govern. As the Bush-Cheney team proved, it is in fact now a prerequisite for any Republican aspiring to national office. But the destructive policy agenda of congressional Republicans is not even remotely the worst of it, because in order to impose these policies they have resorted to tactics that are nothing more than political extortion, and government cannot function by extortion. It cannot function when hard fought agreements are blithely broken for the purpose of further extortion. And that's what the Republicans now are about. They operate like criminal thugs and they cannot be trusted to keep their word. And it's not merely a game of daring high stakes brinksmanship, for merely playing the game is itself dangerously destructive.

Mitt Romney???


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