Has Romney Released More Tax Returns Yet?

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Romney not Concerned with the Poor?

The only reason we have poor people is because Obatty ran their employers out of business forever and now threatens us with a ten trillion dollar a year tax hike to pay for Obamacare -- in addition to what you pay in medical insurance already.

I Heard Romney is Going to Release More Tax Returns

Pete, I realize that you are a leftist therefore psychotic. That is why no one can possibly respect you or tolerate your atheist bitterness. That is why you are disregarded as only a stereotypical leftist liberal kook. I suggest that you get back into psychotherapy before the judge orders it ...

Should Romney Pay More Taxes?

He should pay the legal amount dictated by law.. No more, no less. If you were rich, wouldn't you want as much?

Tax Squeal Report Tax Fraud | Tax Schemes?

Are conservatives proud to have people like the leftist Muslim Atheist poster on their side. This is the typical type of person that you find in the far right. They're not only an embarrassment to the republicans they're an embarrassment to our country.