Is Romney Like a Rapper?

On this week's episode, Bill Maher offered up an interesting analogy: that people like Mitt Romney for the same reasons they like rappers. They like a rich person because they want to be rich themselves, but fail to see the huge wealth inequality chasm that separates them.

Do you see the resemblance?

Is Romney Like a Rapper?Maher Romney


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No.  People don't like Mitt Romney just because he's rich.  They didn't like Nelson Rockefeller just because he was rich.  They didn't like Meg Whitman in California although she was a billionaire.  They might like Mitt because he wants America to be great, or because he wants to reduce taxes.

Romney is an honest millionaire beause he works hard AND smart.  He pays taxes at the going rate, and can straighten out this horrible financial mess Obama inflicted on us.  Vote Romney if you are an American.  Vote Obama if you want to follow him back to Kenya.

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