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Romney a major Presidential candidate is trying to start a war with Iran. Plus, he's saber rattling in Libya and Egypt. Disgusting. Horrible. Dangerous. Romney is a dangerous fool.

Rommey is not trying to start a war with Iran.  Where on earth did you get that info from?  I'll tell you what's disgusting.  Egypt and Libya are killing our people, removing our flags from our property, and burning buildings.  They claim, over a movie.  But they have no right to tell Americans what they can see or cannot see. They are talking away our rights. 


You know what else is disgusting?  That H.Clinton and Mr President are condemning the movie instead of condemning the violence.  You know what's disgusting?  That the U.S sends millions of dollars to Libya and Egypt every year and yet their military did nothing to stop the violence.  You know what's digusting? That Mr. President is talking to the media and everyone else who wants to talk to him but has not talked with the Prime Minister of Israel.  Why not?  Everyone knows that the Brotherhood of Islam will attack Israel next.


Please do everyone a favor and move to either Egypt or Libya, since you seem to not only defend their actions, but you attack America as well.  America is not perfect by any means, but still better than Egypt or Libya.

"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"
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