Romney Interview Directly Contradicts His Previous Statements About Bain Tenure

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Romney Interview Directly Contradicts His Previous Statements About Bain Tenure  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Leftist liberals always depend on propaganda, hystera, bitterness, and hate to make their huge piles of easy money in pornography and propaganda sold to your children.  Then they blow it on drugs.

Ia that why leftists are only considered objects of scorn these days?

Tadpole is faking peoples' screen ID's again. Just consider what is said to prove you are dealing with a leftist fool.

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Leftist liberals have always been hyper-militant compulsive liars always looking for huge piles of easy money. All leftists victimize people by selling your kids propaganda, but that doesn't mean these leftist parasites are important. It only means that leftist parasites are soon to be eliminated ...